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Chapter 20


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which of the following environmental changes is most certain to occur?
the earth's atmosphere will become warmer
since 1900, greenhouse gas emissions associated with burning fossil fuels and deforestation have warmed earth's atmosphere by approximately
if deforestation and fossil fuel burning continue to increase at their current rates, greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are predicted to __ by 2050
since 1970 the rate of new discovery of oil has declined by
increases greenhouse gases
poverty encourages
high population growth rates
how many plants , animals and microorganisms became extinct in 2011
in order to reduce your waste disposal footprint you might
give attention to resume, recycle, and reduce
for ecosystem, what specific step can reduce the impact of global temperature increase
create corridors to facilitate species migration
sustainable living involves
reducing your ecological footprint
which of the following practices will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
using renewable energy sources
to determine your specific impacts on the environment, one can
calculate your ecological footprint
IPAT stands for
impact, population, affluence and technology
ecological footprints of american and europeans are __ times larger than those in poor countries
sustainable living
reducing your ecological footprint can be the change in the world that will guide others to follow
environmental leadership
leadership is the action by you that can change others environmental behaviors
give wisely
involvement in volunteer efforts can have significant impacts on the environment you live in
sustainable waste disposal
give attention to reusing items, recycling as much as possible and composting organic wastes
sustainable energy use
choosing energy efficient lighting and appliances; being mindful of heating and cooling practices