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Jackson Social Studies Chapter 8 Study Guide The Colonies Unite

Unit 3 The American Revolution

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France and Britain claimed the same lands in North America
what was one major cause of the French and Indian War
passed new tax laws for the colonies (ex. Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act)
how did the British Government pay the costs of the French and Indian War
to have someone speak or act for you, to have a voice in one's government
what is an example of representation
boycotting, refusing to buy British goods or services (Boston Tea Party)
how did the many colonists protest the new taxes
they helped the colonists fight British rule by spreading information quickly between the colonies
what was the Committees of Correspondence
that fighting the colonists would not be as easy as they thought
how did the Battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill) change Britain's view of the colonists
the battles of Lexington and Concord (the ride of Paul Revere warned of the coming of the British soldiers)
What marked the beginning of the American Revolution
July 4, 1776, the birth of our country
When did Congress vote to accept the Declaration of Independence
The Articles of Confederation
What was the first plan of government for the United States
Revolutionary War
The Articles of Confederation held the states together during the
Sam Adams
Who organized the Committees of Correspondence in Boston
John Adams
What President is the cousin of Sam Adams
John Dickinson
Who headed the committee that wrote the Articles of Confederation
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independance
Richard Henry Lee, from Virginia
Who proposed a resolution for independence
George Washington
Who was chosen to be the Commander in Chief of the Continential Army
A formal agreement among groups or individuals
A plan for spending money
The act of working against one's own government
A signed request made to an official person or organization
A sudden, complete change, such as the overthrow of an established government
The freedom to govern on one's own
In what year did the French and Indian War start
they did not want to be taxed for goods or items for Britain when they had no representation in parliment
Why did many colonists boycott British goods
to end fighting among the settlers and the Native Americans, to keep the colonists off Native American land west of the Appalachian mountains, which belonged to the Native Americans
What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763
gave Britain most of Canada, all of the French lands east of the Mississippi River, and Spanish Florida; France lost nearly all of its land in North America
What was the Treaty of Paris
Sons of Liberty
a group that boycotted British goods, worked against taxes imposed on the colonists, and participated in the Boston Tea Party