10 terms

Root words #4 Randy Gregory

Solv, Solu
1. Loosen
2. Solvent, Resolve
3. The calculator resolves the equation for me.
Prim, Prime
1. First
2. Primary, Primal
3. My favorite primary color is red.
1. nerve
2. Neural, Nerotic
3. The neural system in your head casues you to have headaches.
1. Light
2. Photograph, Photogenic
3. The photograph came out verry black and grey.
1. Straight, Correct
2. Orthodox, Orthopedic
3. I had to go to the orthopedic to get my teetch checked out for braces.
1. Light
2. Levity, Levitate
3. We had to levitate the picture on the wall so it would be perfect.
Flex, Flect
1. Bend
2. Flex, Reflex
3. Your relfex has to be really quick to play baseball.
1. skin
2. dermatology, epidermis
3. My new favorite job would be a dermatology
1. Madness
2. Maniac, Mania
3. I love to watch wrestlemania.
Ped, Pod
1. foot
2. Pedal, Poddy
3. I had to pedal my bike real fast to get away from the dragon.