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Which of the following is a disacharide?


Sodium, which has an atomic number of 11, will react with chlorine, which has an atomic number of 17. when these two atoms react, both become stable. To become stable, sodium will_____, while chlorine will____

Give up one electron; accept one electron

The folding and coiling of proteins into globular and fibrous shapes determines the____ structure of the protein.


Glucose is broken down in most of your cells to form carbon dioxide, oxygen, and the energy currency of the cell called ATP. What type of chemical reaction is this?

catabolic or exergonic

When table salt, sodium chloride (NaCl), is placed in water

Ionic bonds between Na+ and Cl- are broken.

Any chemical reaction that removes electrons from an atom is called?


What type of bond attracts one water molecule to another?

A hydrogen bond

which of the following equations depicts and exchange reaction?

AB + CD --> AC + BD

tryglycerides are molecules consisting of one 3-carbon compund called___bound to three____

glycerol; fatty acids

Consider a mixture of blood, which contains sodium chloride, protein, and cells or formed elements. the sodium chloride is in a____, the protein is in a___, and cells are in a___

Solution; colloid; suspension

A solution that resists a change in pH when acid or base is added to it is?

A buffer

___ accounts for 98.5% of the body's weight.

Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

Proteins can serve all of the following fucntions except

Store hereditary information

WHich of these is a cation


Oxygen has an atomic number of eight. When two oxygen atoms come together, they for a ___ bond

nonpolar covalent

when you jump off a high diving board into water, you notice great resistance of water. This resistance is called___ and is caused by water's great

Surface tension; coesiveness

Which of these is a cation


the most abundant element in the human body, by weight, is


Varietes of elements called___ differ from one another only in number of neutrons and therefore in atomic mass


The breakdown of glycogen is and example of a____reaction


nucleic acids are___ of ___

Polymers; nucleotides

a ___ is a group of atoms that determines many of the properties of an oganic molecule

Functional group

Proteins are___ built from ____ different amino acids

Polymers; 20

the formula for an amino group is____ whereas the formula of a carboxyl group is___


Digestive enzymes breakdown the starch in a potatio into thousands of glucose molecules. this is an example of


Blood has a pH ranging for 7.35 to 7.45. slight deviations from this can cause major problems, even death. You are doing an intense workout, and your skeletal muscle cells are producing metablolic acids such as lactic acid. Your blood pH does not drop significantly in spite of the metabolic acids release into the blood. You maintain a constant blood pH because

the body contains chemicals called buffers that resist changes in pH

Table sugar is a disaccharide call___ and is made u pof the monomers___

Sucrose; glucose and fructose

which of these is hydrophobic


a____ converts a___ to its monomers

Hydrolysis; polymer

which of these has the highest H+ concentration?

Lemon Juice, PH=2.3

Consider oxygen, which has an atomic number of 8 and an atomic mass of 16. How many valence electrons does it have?


The chemical properties of an atom are determined by its


which of these is the most appropriate to express number of molecules per volum?


when ATP breaks down ADP, potential energy stored in bonds is released. This energy stored in bonds is____ energy


____are major components of cell membranes, and are said to be___

Phospholipids; amphiphilic

which of these is the most appropriate to express number of molecules per volums?


enzymes are specific to substrates because of the shaped of their

active sites

the bonding properties of an atom are determined by its


all enzymes are___, but not all of those are enzymes.


ATP_____ endergonic and exergonic reactions


Proteoglycans are macromolecules that form gels, which help hold cells and tissues together, lubricate joints, and account for the tough rubbery texture of cartilage. Proteoglycans are composed of

Carbohydrates and proteins

Glucose is broken down in most of your cells to form carbon dioxide, oxygen, and the energy currency of the cell called ATP. What type of chemical reaction is this?

Catabolic or exergonic

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