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Frontal, parietal, sphenoid, temporal, occipital bones

Top to bottom

Zygomatic arch

Zygomatic bone


Eye hole

Canine fossa

Supercilliary ridge

Nasal bone

Mastoid process

Angle of the mandible

Coronoid process of mandible

Condyloid process

Mental protuberance

The bony protuberance at the front of the lower jaw forming the chin

Spine of scapula

Acromion process

Coracoid process, glenoid fossa

7 Cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, sacrum, coccyx

Top to button

End of cervical vertebrae, 7th vertebrae

Where is 7th cervical vertebrae?

1: body
2: transverse proces
3: articular process
4: spinous process

Pubic arch

Acetabulum, hip socket

Anterior superior iliac spine

Iliac crest

Head of the humerus

On posterior and side views only: on ulna, underneath lateral epicondyle

Where is olecreanon process?

1: lateral epicondyle, 2: capitilum, 3: medial epicondyle, 4: trochlea

Coronoid process of ulna


Distal, medial, proximal phalanx/phalanges

Top to bottom fingers

Head of the femur

Neck of the femur

Great trochanter

Shaft of the femur

1: lateral epicondyle
2: lateral condyle
3: medial epicondyle
4: medial condyle

Patellar surface

Lower extremity of right femur viewed from below.

Lateral malleolus of the fibula

Media Malleolus of the Tibia




Distal, proximal phalanx/phalanges

Top to bottom toes

Styloid process

Sphenoid bone

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