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i have brown hair

yo tengo pelo castano

you have a dog

tu tienes un perro

he has a pencil

el tiene un lapiz

she has a sister

ella tiene una hermana

we have a cat

nosotros tenemos un gato

they have red hair

ellos tienen pelo rojo

she has red hair

ella tiene pelo rojo

i am athletic

yo soy deportista

you are interesting

tu eres interesante

he is funny

el es gracioso

she is fun

ella es divertida

he is impatient

el es impaciente

they are lazy

ellos son perezosos

you guys are daring

ustedes son atrevidos

how old are you

cuantos anos tienes tu

pedro is fifteen years old

pedro tiene quince anos

i am twelve years old

yo tengo doce anos

she has brown eyes

ella tiene ojos marrones

i am intelligent

yo soy inteligente

she is hard working

ella es trabajadora

we are

nosotros somos

they are

ellos son

i have

yo tengo

they are tall

ellos son altos


a veces

she is short

ella es baja

he is handsome

el es guapo

i have a brother

yo tengo un hermano

she has a brother

ella tiene un hermano

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