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Medical Coding

Assign a code for a cesarean delivery with postpartum care and a ligation of fallopian tubes performed at the same operative session.

Hint: For the delivery code, see caesarean delivery, postpartum care. To locate the code for ligation procedure, see ligation, fallopian tube, oviduct.

The patient presents with a perineal abscess of the vulva. The physician performs incision and drainage.

Hint: Incision and drainage, abscess, vulva

Catheterization and introduction of contrast for a hysterosalpingography. Do not code the radiological supervision and interpretation.

Hint: Hysterosalpingography, injection procedure

Surgical hysteroscopy with lysis of multiple intrauterine adhesions.

Hint: Hysteroscopy, lysis, adhesions

External cephalic version without tocolysis.

Hint: Cephalic version, external

Amniocentesis. Code only the procedure, not the radiological service.

Hint: See amniocentesis

The marsupialization of a Bartholin's gland cyst.

Hint: Marsupialization, Bartholin's gland cyst

Antepartum care only after vaginal delivery by another physician, eight visits.

Hint: Antepartum care, vaginal delivery

Removal of cerclage sutures under general anesthesia.

Hint: Removal, cerclage, cervix

Colposcopy of the vulva with biopsy.

Hint: Colposcopy, vulva, biopsy

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