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the paragraphs of a memo or SS within and ______ between.


The subject in a memo should be keyed in ____ _____.

1 inch

Side margins in a memo are ________.

Lower Case

Reference initials are keyed in ______ _____ letters.

E-Mail Messages

Because of the ease of creating and the speed of sending, _______ have partially replaced the memo and the lettter in business today.


The format used for email is very _________ to the format used for a memo.


An e-mail heading includes a ____ line if a copy of the message has been sent to another person.


_______ is not included int he memo heading

2 inches

________ is the standard top margin for a memo

1 inch

_______ is the standard bottom margin for memo


__________ notations are keyed a DS below the reference initials


if the memo has a document stapled or paper clipped to the memo then it is considered an ___________.


if the memo has a document included with the memo in an envelope but not attached then it is considered an __________.

Reference Initials

If someone other than the orginator of the memo keys it, his/her _______ are keyed in lowercase letters at the left margin, a DS below the body.

Blind Copy

a Bcc: line or ________means a copy of hte message was sent to someone without the original receiver knowing.

Receiver's e-mail address

When sending a e-mail, what should be keyed in the Send To: box?

Date, Time, and Sender

when you key an email these are automatically included


Written messages used by employees within an organization ot communicate with one another are called interoffice _______.


The paragraphs of an email message all begin at the ____ margin and are SS with a DS between paragraphs.


The term e-mail is short for _________ mail.

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