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Medical Coding

A Pap smear utilizing the Bethesda system done by manual screening and computer assisted re-screening under physician supervision.

Hint: See Pap Smears

Blood analysis for HGH.

Hint: See Growth Hormone

Postmortem examination, gross only with brain and spinal cord.

Hint: Autopsy, gross exam

A quantitative screening for methamphetamine.

Hint: Amphetamine, blood or urine

An intradermal tuberculosis TB test.

Hint: Tuberculosis, skin test

Peripheral blood smear interpretation by physician with a written report.

Hint: See Blood Smear

Hepatic function panel.

Hint: Organ or disease-oriented panel, hepatic function panel

Breath test for alcohol.

Hint: Alcohol, breath

A chorionic gonadotropin stimulation panel with an estradiol response.

Hint: Chorionic gonadotropin, stimulation

Drug screening, confirmation, one procedure.

Hint: Confirmation, drug

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