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Louis XIV embarked in what building project just 11 mile outside of Paris that was to become the largest palace in the western world?
St. Paul's
What is the name of the cathedral in London that was rebuilt after the Great London Fire of 1666?
Much of the French Academy's doctrine was derived from which French painter during the reign of Louis XIV?
True of False: Absolutism emerged in Europe near the end of the 15th century and is most clearly embodied by the reign of Louis XIV of France.
Louis XIV
Hyacinthe Rigaud painted a portrait of which royal individual:
True or False: The Rococo style was successfully used for interior design of French hotels.
Femme Savante
Madame Pompadour fashioned herself as a beautiful and elegant, as well as educated, cultured, accomplished woman known in French as
Who painted Madame de Pompadour numerous times?
an erotic fantasy
The Swing by Fragonard suggests:
The aristocracy and the clergy
Which French groups are referenced in Fragonard's The Swing?
True or False: Trompe l'oeil is a French expression for tenebrism.
Which city is a major center for Baroque patronage during the Catholic Counter-Reformation?
Who became the court painter to Philip IV of Spain?
an irregular pearl
The term Baroque may come from the Portuguese word for Barrocco, which refers to:
Which Flemish artist had an elite international clientele?
True or False: The sources of artistic patronage in Flanders and Holland were essentially the same.
Group portrait
What type of painting is The Night Watch?
Charles I of England
Can Dyck was court painter to:
In the seventeenth century, The Dutch Republic was predominantly:
St. Paul's
What is the name of the cathedral in London that was rebuilt after the Great London Fire of 1666?
Charles Le Brun was closely identified with the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in which important European city?
Who was associated with fete galantes?
Who was the artist who produced romanticized depictions of monumental buildings and ruins from Roman antiquity?
What style is characterized by a revival of classical forms and motifs, embraced Enlightenment ideals, valued intellect over emotion, and line over color?
Who promoted the art and culture of ancient Greece as a foundation for Neoclassical culture?
The climax of the Grand Tour of the eighteenth century was often a trip and extended visit to which city?
Who was known as a portrait painter of the British aristocracy
Goya's The Third of May, 1808 was made in response to whose occupation of Spain?
The nineteenth-century Western fascination with the culture of the Muslim world of Africa and the Near East, as seen in art, is known as:
Who was the artist most closely associated with the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon?
True or False: Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa was a pictorial commentary on the ancient myth of Medusa.
The Houses of Parliament by Sir Charles Barry and A.W.N. Pugin is an example of which revival in architecture?
more dynamic, full of implied movement
In comparing Bernini's David to Donatello's David, Bernini's is significantly:
St. Teresa of Avila
Bernini's Cornaro Chapel was inspired by the writings of:
Who is the illusionistic painter who painted The Loves of the Gods?
still life
Which would be concerned with a theme of Vanitas?
What artist etched more than 20 self-portraits?
Rembrandt was a versatile artist who worked both in painting and:
view paintings
Vedute refers to:
plein air paintings
Impressionist paintings that were produced outdoors, and not in the studio are called:
What term is used to describe a cultural infatuation with all things Japanese?
Who painted the same scene over and over to study the fleeting effects of light and color?
working-class life was proudly painted on an epic scale
What was so revolutionary about Courbet's subject matter?
Parisians at leisure
What subject matter did most Impressionists paint?
Who developed Pointillism?
Sigmund Freud
The Surrealists were inspired by whose theories of the unconscious?
van Gogh
Which of the following artists used color to express emotions?
landscapes and flowers
What was typical subject matter for van Gogh?
Who was the earliest builder of Midwestern American skyscrapers?
Neoclassicism was a reaction against:
True or False: Though an accomplished Neoclassical painter, Angelica Kauffman was not permitted to join the Royal Academy
because she was a woman.
orientalism, emotion, nature
Romanticism dealt with themes of:
True or False: Delacroix's Scenes from the Massacre at Chios expresses support for Greek independence as well as the Romantic passion for democracy and individual freedom.
Whose paintings point to the atrocities of war and man's inhumanity to man?
Louis XV
In France, the Rococo is linked with the reign of which monarch?
Drastic contrasts of lights and darks, as in the use of strong focused light in a dark painting
What does tenebrism mean?
True or False: Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor) by Velazquez documents in paint the artist's aspirations for increased social status.
What type of scene are typical in Vermeer's paintings?
George Stubbs specialized in paintings of:
Who promoted the art and culture of ancient Greece as a foundation for Neoclassical culture?
Reveals the artist's reactions to the period's crises
Goya's The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
True or False: A daguerreotype was a photographic process that exposed light on a sliver iodide-coated copper or glass plate and allowed for one image, which remained on the plate.
Who built buildings based on green houses with materials of the Industrial Age?
Le Fin de Siecle
A term often used to refer to the end of nineteenth century is
wild beast
What does the term Fauve mean?
True or False: Picasso experimented with collage on canvas.
True or False: The 1913 Armory Show was instrumental in introducing modernist art to American culture.
Who produced nonobjective geometric paintings?
The two forms of Cubism are called Analytic and
Harlem Renaissance
Jacob Lawrence is an artist who is most associated with the:
The unconscious was the primary subject matter and concern for:
Mural painting
Diego Rivera revived the tradition of
Which of the following was an important documentary photographer for the Farm Security Administration?
Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is a work in which style?
Courbet was inspired by which economic and social doctrine?
Linear perspective
Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Japanese prints to 19th-century Western aesthetics?
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
What is the title of the first Cubist painting?
Artemisia Gentileschi was a female painter who worked in the tradition of which artist?
use of light, sense of movement, often dramatic, theatrical and meant to inspire faith
Which of the following is typical of Italian Baroque art?
Who is known for using light very dramatically with extremes of light and dark?
A. palace art and court life
All of the following are common specializations associated with the Dutch Baroque painters EXCEPT:

A. palace art and court life
B. landscape
C. group portrait
D. still life
The term Rococo was taken from the French word rocaille meaning:
True or False: Rococo was taken from the French word rocaille (meaning pebble) and the Portuguese barrocco (meaning irregular shaped).
Which style was practiced by artists who embraced the dynamism, speed and noise of modern life?
middle class
What were important sources of patronage in 17th century Holland?
Who painted in the Neoclassical, linear style but often used exotic, Romantic subject matter?