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Illiad-in depth

Selection Quiz
Why is Achilles both sad and angry at the opening of the selection?
Achilles is sad and angry because Hector, the Trojan leader, killed his best friend Patroclus. He seems angry with himself because he didnt help or protect Patroclus against the Trojans.
Before they duel, Hector asks Achilles to make a pact. What is the pact, and how does Achilles respond?
Hector asks Achilles to return the other's body to his own people.
Describe how Achilles wins the duel.
First Achilles throws the spear; Hector dodges it; then Hector throws the spear it bounces off Achilles shield. Then Achilles hits Hector in the throat.
Who is Priam, and why does he go to Achilles camp?
Priam is the father of the deceased Hector. He visits the Greek's camp to ask Achilles for Hectors body back.
After talking with Priam, What action does Achilles take that shows a change of heart?
Achilles starts to feel bad and Zeus tells him tot give the body back, so he does.
GREEK: best friend Patroclus killed by Hector; great warrior; runner; revenge to hector; Kills Hector; gives body back to Priam; is remorseful
TROJAN: leader of Trojans; kills Patroclus; slain by Achilles; son of Priam; body mangled after death; given back to father; courageous
GODDESS:(on greek side) Goddess of Sea; gives wisdom to Achilles; Mother of Achilles; sympathetic; Zeus tells her to tell Achilles to return Hector to Priam.
GOD: (aids trojans to the Greeks and then Greeks beat Trojans) Tells achilles to return body
GREEK: killed by Hector; bold warrior; Achilles' best friend
Pallas Athena
GODDESS: disguised as Hector's brother Deiphobus appears to Hector and persuade him to fight Achilles. Tricks Hector; allows Achilles to kill Hector
GOD: opens gates of Troy so the Trojans can run in; Protects Troy
GOD: helps Priam by putting sentries to help sleep and opening the gates; leads Priam to Achilles
TROJAN: father of the deceased Hector; goes to Greek camp and ask Achilles for Hectors body back. King of Troy; noble; persuades Achilles to let him bury Hector.
According to Achilles, who "has no peer in war/ among Achaean (Greek) captains?"
Achilles, himself
It is MOST important to Hector that his death be...
After Hector's death, "Piteously his father groaned and round him/ lamentation spread throughout town/ most like clamor to be hear if Ilion's/ towers, top to bottom, seethed in flames." This simile suggest that...
the death of Hector meant the end of Troy
The return of Hector's body is the result of all of the following EXCEPT
Hector's pleas
When you QUELL your doubts, you...
silence them
Which is MOST ponderous?
the moon
Which is MOST vulnerable?
an infant
Where would you be MOST likely to discover havoc?
a war zone
Destitute people could BEST be described as...