Stupas can hold pagodas
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What are central practices to Buddhism?- Four Noble Truth - Eightfold PathWas Buddha a man, god, or divine being?manSiddhartha was member of which caste?born into Hindu warrior casteWhat sights filled Siddhartha with hope?- old age - illness - death - asceticismSiddhartha's attainment of enlightenment led to _________ which breaks the cycle of rebirthsamsaraWhat is a stupa?Stupas holds important relics of the Buddha or other important figuresBuddhism holds that salvation must be won through _____?What does the teaching of impermanence have to do with?There is no real self - it is always changing/moving and growing (anicca). Anicca is impermanence. The goal is to reach Anatta—letting go of any sense of individual existence.The noble eight-fold path set forth _____?NirvanaHinduism is a god-centered religion, Buddhism is a what-centered religion?human-centeredwhat are the four noble truths?- the path to end of suffering is Noble Eightfold Path - to cease suffering, one must cease desiring - life is filled with suffering: both physical and mental - the cause of suffering is desirewhat are the noble eightfold path?- right understanding - right thought - right speech - right conduct - right livelihood - right effort - right mindfulness - right concentrationsimilarities?- emphasis on peace and compassion - practice of meditationdifferences?- Jesus claimed to be divine, Buddha did not - the understanding of the meaning and purpose of sufferingWhat is one trying to extinguish in Buddhism?Buddhists wish to achieve Nirvana. Nirvana means 'to extinguish' or 'blow out.' It refers to the extinction of greed, anger, and ignorance and all that keeps the life cycle (samsara) 5 precepts of moral life- do not take a life - do not take what is given - do not engage in sensuous misconduct - do not use false speech - do not drink intoxicants