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Which IEEE standard describes specifications for wireless transmissions?


Which statement accurately describes the OSI model?

It describes how software programs interact with other software programs.

Which OSI model layer initiates the flow of information?


In which OSI model layer does IP operate?


The goal of ____ is to establish international technological standards to facilitate the global exchange of information and barrier free trade.


For greater network efficiency, segmentation is preferred. (T/F)


Translates network addresses into their physical counterparts.

Network Layer

Which Data Link sublayer manages flow control?


By default, what is the largest data payload that packets on an Ethernet network can accept?

1500 Bytes

A professional membership society that helps to establish technical standards for the Internet.


Coordinates and maintains communications between two nodes on the network.

Session Layer

In which OSI model layer does TCP operate?


Which technology does the IEEE 802.11 specification describe?

Wireless Networks

Each network node has ____ types of addresses.


Which layer of the OSI model encapsulates Network layer packets?

Data Link layer

Determines standards for the electronics industry and other fields, such as chemical and nuclear engineering, health and safety, and construction.


Which type of protocol is useful when data must be transferred quickly?


A collection of standards organizations representing 162 countries.


In which two layers of the OSI model do NICs belong?

Physical and Data Link layers

An IP address is an example of what type of address?

Network Layer

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