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2.3 Using Observation for Research

Although the ______ method of observation takes much less time than the longitudinal method, it can accomplish many of the same objectives.
naturalistic observation
The ______method enables researchers to study the behavior of people and animals in their everyday settings.
negative correlation
Stress and health are thought to have a/an ______, since as stress increases, health deteriorates.
The ______method, participant are observed over a long period of time.
The ______ method of observation investigates human behavior through personality, aptitude and intelligence tests.
A Skinner box and a maze are examples of ____________.
Scientists use ______ to analyze the data they gathered from their studies.
case studies
Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalytic theory largely on the basis of _______________.
positive correlation
The correlation between the need for achievement and salaries is a ________________.
cause and effect
Correlation describes relationships, but does not reveal__________.