Characteristics of Living Things

Generally, living things share eight qualities. However,as you learned with the "Sammy" discussion with Mr. St. Pierre, all living things do not necessarily have all eight qualities at the same time. This set will assist you in reviewing for the Biology Assessment. on 9/14. In addition, please review Mr. St. Pierre's class notes and text pages 16 - 20.

Terms in this set (...)

Quality 1: Living things are made of units called cells.
A cell is a collection of separated living matter.
UNICELLULAR = single-celled
MULTICELLULAR = many-celled
Quality 2: Living things reproduction
Organisms produce new organisms through a process called reporduction.
SEXUAL REPRODUCTION = new organism has two different parents, a male and a female
ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION = new organism has a single parent
Quality 3: Characteristics of living things are based on a genetic code.
Directions for inherited characteristics are carried by a DNA.
Quality 4: Living things grow and develop.
Growth and development can be simple (for example, increase in size) or complex
Quality 5: Living things need materials and energy.
Living things use energy and materials to grow, develop, and reproduce. Food, sun, and chemicals are the sources of energy.

Living things get energy from materials through a process known as METABOLISM.
Quality 6: Living things respond to their environment.
Living things react to events in their enviroment. These events are known as STIMULI. For example, the sun is a stimuli that causes plants to grow in its direction.
Quality 7: Living things need to maintain an internal balance.
Conditions inside a living thing (as amount of water and temperature) needs to remain the same.
HOMEOSTASIS is the ability of a living thing to maintain the same internal conditions in order to stay alive.)
Quality 8: Living things change over time.
EVOLUTION is the process of change in livings that happens over time.