Kateland's bad boy words!

22 terms by paigekateland

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based on the bad boy book


A group of birds,as larks or quail,or animals , as roebuck, in close association!


A seeking or request for truth,information,or knowledge!!!! :)


Ridicule;mockery:The inept performance elicited derision from the audience.


Rhythmic swing or cadence.


Firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.


Without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling;an incoherent sentence


Of ,having,or characterlistic of chairsma


An act of transgressing ; violation of a law;command,etc;sin.


To refer casually or indirectly;make an allusion (usually fol.by to): HE often alluded to his poverty...


A passage , hall , or antechamber between the outer door and the interior parts of a house or building.....


A person , group , or force that opposes or attacks ; opponent ; enemy;foe.

Bonus words



Definitely or strictly stated,defined, or fixed;precise directions


To pass into through every part of,Bright sunshine permeated the room.


The science dealing with the structure of animals and plants


The act or state of deflecting or the state of being deflected


To scold;rebuke:He berated them in public


not truly or completely representing the facts or reality : misrepresented ;false ; she has distorted view of life.


A small flat or folded sheet of printed matter, as an advertisment or noticed usually intended intended for free distribution


extremely painful causing intense suffering unbearably distressing; torturting: an excruciatiing noise:excruciated pain


a pier or structer of stones,piles,or the like,projecting into the sea or other body of water to protect a habor ,deflect the current

Bonus word !!!!!!!!! What happend when Walter got in trouble and hit a boy?

he went to the office and got smacked by the teacher.

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