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Macromolecule composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in the ratio of 1:2:1


Carbohydrates that are made by linking individual sugars together to form long chains


polysaccharide that stores glucose in plants


polysaccharide form in which animals store glucose on their bodies


polysaccharide that provides structural support for plants


organic molecules that do not dissolve in water

Saturated Fats

lipids that contain the maximum number of carbon hydrogen bonds possible

Unsaturated Fats

lipid that has carbon carbon double bonds at various points


many hormones are this type of lipid


your hair & muscles are made of these macromolecules


fibrous protein that forms at the matrix of your skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones


protein that increases the rate of the chemical reaction without being destroyed itself

Amino Acids

humans use 20 different kinds of these building blocks of proteins


long chains of amino acids

Nucleic Acids

macromolecules made up of long chains of small repeating subunits called nucleotides


five carbon sugar with a phosphate group attached to one side of the sugar ring and an organic base attached to the other side


the nucleic acid that stores hereditary information


ribonucleic acid


energy molecule, whose energy can be used immediately by the cell without a series of chemical reactions


lipids or proteins that effect a change in other cell activities

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