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Thomas Jefferson

T_o_a_s Je_ _e_ _on

Benjamin Franklin

Be_ _a_in F_a_ _ _in

John Adams

Jo_n A_a_s

Roger Sherman

Ro_er S_e_ _an

Robert Livingston

Ro_e_t Li_i_ _ _ _on


all men are created equal


their unalienable rights are endowed by their Creator


men have the power to abolish destructive governments and institute new ones


life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness


governments are instituted among men and have powers from the consent of men


Prudencewill say that governments long established should not be changed for light reasons


when there is a train of abuses, it is the peoples duty to throw off the government


separate the powers in the earth by the Laws of Nature and Nature's God

list of grievances

quartering large bodies of troops among us

list of grievances

for transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses

list of grievances

for imposing taxes without our consent

list of grievances

for cutting off our trade with the rest of the world

list of grievances

by waging war against us

list of grievances

transporting foreign mercenaries to compleat the works of death

list of grievances

abolishing the free system of english laws in a neighboring province

list of grievances

abolishing our most valuable laws and taking away our charters


first section is called


second section is called

list of grievances

third section is called

prior to redress the grievances

last section is called

prior to redress the grievances

warned our British brethren the attempts of the Legislature

prior to redress the grievances

Enamies in War, in Peace Friends

prior to redress the grievances

we have reminded them of our settlement here

prior to redress the grievances

we have rights as any other Independent States have the right to do

prior to redress the grievances

thes United Colonies ought to be Free and Independent States

prior to redress the grievances

the political connection between the colonies and the British Crown is to be totally dissolved

John Hancock

first person to sign the declaration, or the president of the Continental Congress

Thomas Jefferson

writer of the Declaration

the five drafters

what is the name of the group of five in fron t of the desk, handing the draft


true or false. people that signed the Declaration got away with it

George Mason

Who inspired most of Jefferson's words?

August 2, 1776

when was the Declaration signed

King George the III

who was the list of grievances directed towards

lives, fortunes, and sacred honor

what did the signers pledge each other?

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