New Social Movements

Social movements defonition
Social movements are groups that try to influence society by campaigning for or against change.
5 social movements
-Environmental and ecological movements
-Women's liberation and feminism
-Peace and anti-nuclear movement
-Gay and Lesbian liberation movement
-Animal rights movement
What makes new social movements better?
-Interested in wide issues relating to the quality of life and expressing individuality.
-Not based on class
-Everyone can take part in decision making
New social movement tactics.
-Animal rights activists releasing animals into the wild and destroying laboratories.
-Road protesters occupying trees and buildings on sites scheduled for clearing.
-Protesters destroying fields of genetically modified crops.
The future of new social movements
It seems like the number of movements and direct action will continue to grow.
When did New social movements begin?
In the 1960s and 70s
The environmental movements pressure groups
Greenpeace and Friends of the earth party
Traditional social movement tactics
-Handing out leaflets
-Signing petitions
-sit-down demonstrations
Difference between PRESSURE groups, POLITICAL parties and NEW SOCIAL MOVEMENTS
Pressure groups: tend to have a hierarchical formal organisation. E.g elect leaders and committees.
Political parties: Are also formal, members have to pay fees.
New social movements: Are more looser and open.
What sort of people are more likely to be involved in New Social Movements
Younger people are more likely to be interested in new social movements than political parties.