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history test monday part 3

Declaratory Act 1766
1. repealed the Stamp Act. 2. Claimed Parliament still had the right to make laws and raise taxes in "all cases whatsoever"
Townshend Acts 1767
Low imports taxes on glass,paper,silk, lead and tea
Boston Massacre March 5,1770
British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonist and killed 5 men. Crispus Attucks-freedman
Tea Act 1773
Passed by parliament to help the British East India Company by doing away with all the taxes they paid and letting them sell directly to the colonists.
Boston Tea Party December 16 1773
Sons of Liberty response to the abuses of the British. Dressed up as Indians and went on the ships and destroyed only the tea
Intolerable Acts 1774
1.Boston Harbor shut down until tea paid for by the colonists. 2. Colonists could not hold town meetings. 3. Major crimes tried in Great Britian, not the colonies. 4. Passed a tougher Quartering Act.