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from "The American Pageant"

Paxton Boys

armed march on Philly by Scotts/Irish; protest against Quakers leniency towards Native Americans 1764

Regulator Movement

North Carolina, 1768-1771; uprising against unfair taxation and control of colonial affairs by seaboard elite

Christian ministry

most honored profession


Leading industry (90% population)

Triangular Trade

exchange of rum, slaves and molasses between North American colonies, Africa and West Indies

Molasses Act

1733, squelched North American trade with French West Indies


individual "free will" determined one's fate, not divine decree

Great Awakening

religious revival in 1730s and 40s; emphasis on direct, emotive spirituality

Old Lights

orthodox clergymen

New Lights

emotional, theatrical revivalists

Zenger Trial

1734-5; Zenger on trial for printing damning words against a corrupt royal governor; charged with libel even though he was right; found not guilty

Royal Colonies

colonies whose governors were crown appointed

Proprietary Colonies

governors appointed by proprietors

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