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Hip Muscle Mnemonics

mnemonics for muscles and innervation
Group 1 - BUN
FLEX your buns on long TRIPS
Group 1 Flexor muscles:
tensor fascia latae, rectus femoris, iliacus, psoas major, sartorius
Group 1- region, innervation, exceptions:
Anterior thigh - femoral n. - (TFL-superior glut.n.)
Group 2 - SHOE
EXTEND your shoe By Getting Shoe Stretchers
Group 2 - Extensor muscles:
biceps femoris, gluteus max., semimembranosus, semitendinosus
Group 2 - region, innervation, exceptions:
Posterior thigh - sciatic n. (tib.)- (glut.max- inf.gluteal..it's the most inferior of the 3 gluts.)
Group 3 - TREE
ABDUCT the Tiny Gray Goose from the tree.
Group 3 - Abductors:
tensor fascia latae, glut.medius, glut.minimus
Group 3 - region, innervation, exceptions:
Lateral glut.region - superior glut.n. - none
Group 4 - DOOR
A DUCT made A GAP in the door.
Group 4 - Adductors:
Add.brevis, add.longus, add.magnus, gracilis, pectineus
Group 4 - region, innervation, exceptions:
Medial thigh - obturator n. - (ext.head of add.magnus also extends, so it's nerve is the sciatic)
Group 5 - HIVE
ROTATE the hives, cuz they're gettin' giggity! (POOQGG)
Group 5 - Deep Rotators:
piriformis, obturator internus, obturator externus, quadratus femoris, gemellus inferior, gemellus superior
Group 5 - region, innervation, exceptions:
Deep posterior gluteal - varies - pirifomis/piri n. - obt.int/obt.int - obt.ext/obt - quad.fem/ - gem.inf/quad.fem - gem.sup/obt.int.