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Quiz 9/7


The official language of the Sudanese government was Arabic.


The fighting in Sudan was between the rebels from the northern part of Sudan, where Salva and his family lived, and the government, which was based in the south.


The rebels were fighting against the government because the people of the south were of different religions and did not want to be forced to practice Islam.


The Gilo's River was the longest river in the world and the mother of all life in Sudan.


Nya's family was told to boil water and count until 200 to ensure its safety to drink.


Guinea Worm Disease is contracted from drinking water contaminated with fleas carrying infected larvae.


Salva's full name is Salva Marwien Dut Arikk.


Green was the color of the head scarf that Salva's mother wore.


Nya frowned when the water came out of the hole because she wanted to continue her journey to the water daily.

Dinka Tribe

What language did Salva speak at home?

heat, time, and thorns

During her trips to get water, what did Nya have to worry about?

Salva's grandfather

Who was the village of Loun-Arikk named after?

They left without Salva

What happened the morning after Salva slept in the barn with the other villagers from Loun-Arikk?

V shaped scars on their foreheads

What was the Dinka pattern that was a sign of boys becoming men?

She had to learn

Why did Nya's mother want her to take Akeer with her to collect water?

Dry season

The big lake was a 3 day walk from Nya's village. Nya's family would live at the big lake for 5 months during what season of the year?


Who did Salva meet while searching the camp for his family? He stepped on this person's hand.

She did not have to make the two long trips to the pond everyday

What did Nya like about the lake camp?

Nya's uncle

Who was the chief of Nya's village?

cramps, stomach ache, fever, and diarrhea

What were the symptoms of Akeer's illness?

By a lion in the night

How was Marial killed?

From drinking the water

How did Akeer get sick?

Back to fight in the war

Where did Uncale say he was going after he took Salva to the refugee camp?

An iron giraffe

What did the villagers think the tall drill looked like?

Six years

How long was Salva at the Itang refugee camp?


Where did Salva decide to go after he left Ethiopia?

Scavenge for food and fire wood, stand guard

When Salva left the Itang refugee camp with a group of fifteen boys, he gave what type of jobs to the boys?

The Lost Boys

What were the Sudan refugees being called in America?


Salva's new American family included Chris, the father; Louise, the mother; and four children.

A school

What were they going to build in Nya's village next to the water pump?

His Uncle Jewiir visited Salva during his return trip

Which of the following is NOT correct about Salva?
- He received an email from his cousin
- He visited hhis father in the hospital
- His Uncle Jewiir visited Salva during his return trip

Sprinkling water on head

What was the Dinka way of blessing someone who was lost and found again?

He drank contaminated water

Why was Salva's father sick?

To help build wells for both the Dinka and the Nuer people

On the plane ride back to the United States, Salva came up with what idea?


The school in America that helped raise the money for the well to be dug in Nya's village was Edison Street School.

"Thank you for bringing the water"

What did Nya say to Salva when they met?

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