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This was made either by my teacher, or someone else.

It has been raining on Venus for seven years

What is the weather like on Venus. How long has it been that way?

Margot, the teacher, the kids, and many other people.

Who lives on Venus?

When the kids/students were 2 years old.

When did the sun last shine?

It reveals what the sun looks like.

What does Margot's poem reveal about the sun?

She feels depressed and her skin has become pale because of the rain.

How has living on Venus affected Margot?

It's on Venus

What is unusual about the city's location?

When she and the children sang about the sun.

When was the only time Margot participated in classroom activities?

She was born on Earth.

What is Margot's biggest crime? (Not breaking-the-law crime)

Margot doesn't like it there and it would be a loss of thousands of money to go back to Earth.

Why is Margot's family considering moving back to Earth? What is keeping them from it?

She was different.

Why did the kids hate Margot?

They teased her and locked her in a closet.

What did the kids do to Margot?

The sun finally showed itself for only two hours.

What happened to the weather and how long did it last?

They felt ashamed.

How do the children feel when they realize what they did to Margot?

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