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week 2


[noun]:a light cloud low over the ground that makes it difficult for you to see very far.
We could just see the outline of the house through the ___


[noun]:the process of giving or getting the right type of food for good health and growth
____ and exercise are essential to fitness and health.


[noun]a way of training someone so that they learn to control their behaviour and obey rules.
The book gives parents advice on ___.


[adj]:dishonest, illegal, or morally wrong
He realised that it was___ for a police officer to accept gifts


[noun]:someone who lived or was in a particular place at the same time as someone else
Oswald was much admired by his ____ at the Academy.


[adj]:concerning or produced by magnetism
magnetic forces [what is magnetism? magnetic forces? Use a synonym to define a word.]


[verb]:to use something for the wrong purpose, or in the wrong way, often with harmful results:
There is concern that the judges might ____ their power.


[noun]:a record in financial accounts that shows money that has been spent or that is owed
[You need an example sentence.]


[v]:to divide into two or more smaller, narrower, or less important parts
When you reach the village green, the street ____es into two.


[noun]:the length of time that something continues
The course is of three years' ____

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