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Government; 8th edition.

From 1789 until the 1960s, the Bill of R8ghts put limits on
a. the national government
b. the state only
c. both the national and state
d. neither the national nor state

a. the national government

The amendment that provided that basis for the modern understanding of the government's obligation to protect civil rights was the
a. 1st amendment
b. 9th amendment
c. 14th amendment
d. twenty-second amendment

c. 14th amendment

Which of the following rights were not included in the original Constitution?
a. prohibition of bills attainder
b. prohibition of ex post facto laws
c. guarantee of habeas corpus
d. none- they were all included

d. none- they were all included

Which of the following provided that all of the protections contained in the Bill of Rights applied to states as well as the national?
a. the 14th amendment
b. Palko v. Connecticut
c. Gitlow v. NY
d. none of the above

d. none of the above

The process by which some of the liberties in the Bill of Rights were applied to states is known as :
a. selective incorporation
b. judicial activism
c. civil liberties
d. establishment

a. selective incorporation

Which of the following provisions of the Bill of Rights was incorporated in 2010?
a. the right to bear arms
b. the right co counsel in any criminal trial
c. the right against self-discrimination
d. freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures

a. the right to bear arms

Which of the following protections are not contained in the first amendment?
a. the establishment clause
b. the free exercise clause
c freedom the press
d. all of the above

d. all of the above

The so-called Lemon test, concerns the issue of:
a. school desegregation
b.aid to religious schools.
c. prayer in school
d. obscenity

b.aid to religious schools.

Under which conditions can the government regulate speech?
a. when the speech present a clear and present danger to society
b. when the speech incites damaging conduct
c. when the speech in reckless disregard of the truth and is considered damaging
d. all of the above

d. all of the above

Which of the following describes a written statement made in "reckless disregard of the truth" that is considered damaging to a victim because it is "malicious, scandalous, and defamatory"?
a. slander
b. libel
c. fighting words
d. expressive speech

b. libel

The fourth, fifth, sixtth, & eighth amendments, taken together, define
a. due process of law
b. free speech
c. the right to bear arms
d. civil rights of minorities

a. due process of law

In Mapp v. Ohio, the Supreme Court ruled that
a. evidence obtained from an illegal search could not be introduced in a trial
b. a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime
c. persons under arrest must be informed prior to police interrogation of their rights to remain silen and to have the benefits of legal counsel
d. government has the right to take private property for public use if just compensation is provided

a. evidence obtained from an illegal search could not be introduced in a trial

Which famous case deals with the Sixth amendment issues?
a. Miranda v. Arizona
b. Mapp v. Ohio
c. Gideon v. Wainwright
d. Terry v. Ohio

c. Gideon v. Wainwright

In what case was a right to privacy first found in the Constitution:
a. Griswold v. Connecticut
b. Roe v. Wade
c. Baker v. Carr
d. PPH v. Casey

a. Griswold v. Connecticut

In which case did the Supreme Court rule that the state government no longer had the authority to make private sexual behavior a crime
a. Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
b. Gonzales v. Oregon
c. Lawrence v. Texas
d. Bowers v. Hardwick

c. Lawrence v. Texas

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