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In what decade was the first airplane invented?
In what decade was the first radio invented?
In what decade was the first Model T car invented?
In what decade was the first TV invented?
In what decade was the first cell phone invented?
In what decade was the internet invented?
What scientific theory is most agreed upon by scientists as the way the universe began?
Big Bang Theory
What is the name for the revolution in chemically and genetically engineered agriculture?
Green Revolution
What are two medical innovations that increased human survival in Unit 6?
Polio vaccine and antibiotics
What virus caused a major outbreak in the US in the 1950s? It was treated with a new vaccine and eradicated in the US by 1988.
The invention of these in 1942 has been called the birth of modern medicine. It is a kind of medicine that kills bacteria.
What is the most significant early antibiotic?
Which two new methods of power increased productivity in Unit 6?
Oil and coal
What unit saw the greatest expansion of global population?
Unit 6
Oil from which region became widely sought-after in Unit 6?
Middle East
What term means when a society gets all of its goods from purchase and produces none of its own goods?
Which term means the cutting of forests until an area has hardly any trees?
Which term means land becoming desert-like due to pollution man-made land changes?
Unit 6 saw the ___________ number of animal extinctions in history.
Where might you catch you some delicious Malaria?
The Africa, or tropical places
How is malaria transmitted?
Which disease was identified in the 1980s in Africa? It has claimed 30 million lives.
What kind of lifestyle is characterized by lack of exercise?
Sedentary AKA Brockish
Which two diseases have grown due to sedentary lifestyles in Unit 6?
Diabetes and heart disease
What is the most effective way in preventing Malaria?
Mosquito nets
What medical advancement lowered birth rates and empowered women in Unit 6?
Birth Control Pill
How many times have atomic bombs been used in war?
2 in one war
What is the name for the radioactive time after an atomic bomb has been dropped?
Which war brought about Trench Warfare?
What are three ways you could be killed in Trench Warfare?
Sniped, blown up, breath in some yummy mustard gas
What is the area between the trenches known as?
No man's land
What are three ways you could die in a trench without being attacked by your enemy?
Exposure to the elements, disease, infection
It was introduced in WWI. Effects of it caused the blistering of the skin of victims, the eyes became very sore and they began to vomit.It caused internal and external bleeding and attacked the bronchial tubes
Mustard gas
Who fought in the Sino-Japanese War? Who won?
China and Japan, Japan won
In this massacre in 1937, 300K Chinese civilians were raped, looted and murdered.
Rape of Nanjing
Which war saw the first use of airplanes for bombing?
Where were fire bombings used in WWII?
US used them in Tokyo
Which continent dominated political power at the beginning of the Twentieth Century?
Which three empires collapse at the start of the Twentieth Century>?
Ottoman, Russian, Qing
Why did the three empires collapse in the earlier Twentieth Century?
They failed to industrialize and they were corrupt
Who used nationalism to free Turkey from the Ottoman Empire?
Young Turks (Attaturk was the leader)
What were the reforms called in the Ottoman Empire?
Why did the reforms not work for the Ottoman Empire?
It was too little, too late
Why did Russia lose in WWI?
They had to go back and deal with the Russian Revolution (communists)
Why was Czar Nicholas II a bad ruler?
He only cared about war and was never home
What is a soviet?
Labor union
Who started the Bolsheviks?
V. I. Lenin
What did the Bolsheviks promise?
Peace, land and bread
Countries from which region made up the Soviet Union?
Eastern Europe
Who was the leader of the nationalists that overthrew the last Chinese dynasty?
Sun Yat-Sen
What was the last Chinese dynasty?
Who took over the nationalists after Sun died?
Chang Kai-Shek
Why did the nationalists start up? What did they think was wrong with China in the first place?
The Qing dynasty was corrupt and there was too much influence by outside countries
Who was the leader of the communists in China?
Mao Zedong
Where were the nationalists pushed off to by the communists in China?
What's the difference between PROC and ROC?
PROC is mainland China that was founded by the communists and is what we now call China. ROC is what the nationalist Chinese people renamed Taiwan after they were pushed there by the communists.
Which Indian leader used non-violence as a form of protest?
What does Mahatma mean?
Great Soul
What was Ghandi's main purpose for protesting?
India's independence from England
How did Gandhi and the Indian's constant beatings by the British lead to Indian independence?
It showed the brutality of England. It made the English look like oppressors in the world's eye. It turned many English against its own government on the issue.
What three countries come out of India? Which one changed its name?
India, East Pakistan and West Pakistan (West Pakistan becomes Bangladesh)
Where is the biggest concentration of Muslims in India today?
In the north between Pakistan and Bangladesh (Kashmir)
Which European country controlled Vietnam into the 1950s?
Which part of Vietnam was communist? Which was capitalist?
North communist, south capitalist
Why does America want to fight in Vietnam?
They are afraid that if Vietnam becomes communist, other southeast Asian countries will.
What theory says that if Vietnam becomes communist then all of southeast Asia will?
Domino Effect
Who ends up winning "the war for Vietnam"?
The north
Which African country fought off France for independence in the 1960s?
Who was the leader of communist Vietnam?
Ho Chi Minh
How were Ho and Gandhi different in their challenging of imperial rule?
Gandhi did it without violence, Ho did it with
Who was the Muslim leader in India that fought alongside Gandhi for independence?
Muhammad Ali Jinah
What were two reasons that southern Nigeria wanted to be its own country?
Christian nationalism and to profit from its oil reserves
What was the imaginary line in Europe that separated the capitalist and communist world?
Iron Curtain
What does Comintern stand for? Who started it?
Communist International, started by Lenin
What was the purpose of Comintern?
To make the world communist
What was NATO? What does it stand for?
A treaty organization protecting many capitalist nations in the North Atlantic region. North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
What was the Warsaw Pact? Who created it?
A treaty protecting many communist nations. It was created by Lenin.
What term means "across Africa"?
Pan Africa
What does the Pan Africa Movement say is the problem with Africa?
The diaspora resulting from the slave trade
What does the Pan African Movement say is the only way Africa will be strong again?
For Africans from across the world to come together to help
What is government issued land redistribution?
When the government takes all the private land away from individuals and gives it out equally to all?
Which two countries had issues with land redistribution that led to their becoming communist?
North Korea and the Cuba
Name three areas/countries that were redrawn in Unit 6.
India, Israel, Middle East
Which country has both Jews and Muslims fighting over it today? Both call it the Holy Land.
Who first owned what is today called Israel?
Why did the Jews first leave Israel in CE times?
Roman rule led to a diaspora
What is the name for the actual land that we call Israel today?
How did the formation of the UN lead to changes in Palestine?
It said that the Jews had rights to be in Israel. The ruling was influenced by the terrors of the holocaust.
Which region sees new countries out of the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
Middle East
Why do countries in the Middle East keep power after the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
They want to keep control of their oil reserves
What is the most important resource after 1900?
What does OPEC stand for?
Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries
What is a metropole?
A large city in a colonizing country. People from countries that are colonized, often flock to this city.
What is an example of an imperial metropole?
London, Paris
Why are there a lot of Indians in London and Algerians in Paris today?
Because England used to control India and France used to control Algeria.
How does a colonized country's relationship with an imperial metropole change after imperialism ends?
People from the colonized countries keep coming to the metropoles.
What were two problems Hitler had with Jews? HitlerProblems
He blamed them for Germany's financial problems after the crash of the stock market and blamed them for trying to kill white culture since the dawn of civilization. You know, minor issues.
How does the Great Depression impact the Holocaust?
Jews were blamed for the Depression
What is ethnic cleansing?
Trying to remove an entire race from existence
What is one example of medical experiments conducted on Jews at concentration camps?
Brutal experiments on twins, injecting saltwater into patients
What is a concentration camp?
A place where an entire group is kept in an enclosed place
How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust? How many non-Jews?
6 million jews, 10 million non-Jews
What is a Roma?
AKA gypsies. Nomadic people from Central Europe.
Why didn't the Allies work faster to stop the Holocaust?
They thought the stories about the holocaust were exaggerated.
Which ethnic group did the Ottoman Empire try to kill off?
Why did the Ottoman Empire and the Young Turks see Armenians as a threat?
The Armenians wanted their own Christian nation.
What were two things that made Armenians different from the Young Turks and the Ottoman Empire?
They were Christians and they wanted independence
Which Armenians were sent on a death march?
Weak men, women, children and elderly
How many Armenians were killed in the Armenian Genocide?
1.5 million
How did 1800s German/Belgian occupation lead to the Rwandan Genocide?
The Germans and Belgians started the divide between Hutus and Tootsies by putting the Tootsies (lighter skinned) in charge
What's the difference between the Tutsi and Hutu?
Tutsi have darker skin
Which group in Rwanda was treated as an underclass and rose up in the 1990s?
What was the conflict that started the Darfur Genocide?
Darfur being non-Muslim and wanting independence
How many people were murdered in the Darfur Genocide?
over 100 thousand
In which country did the Darfur Genocide occur?
What is a total war?
where all citizens in a country are involved in the war effort
What were the first two total wars?
What is a war bond?
Basically lending your government money to pay for the war. The government pays you back in ten years.
What is conscription?
Forced enrollment in the army. AKA draft
Which colonial holdings were used during WWI by England?
Africa, India
What are three major reasons you might fight in a war in Unit 6?
Nationalism, communism and socialism
What areas did Japan take over during its time as a growing empire in Unit 6?
Parts of Korea, Russia, China and southeast Asia. Plus lots of Pacific islands
Which two resources were sought after by imperialists in Unit 6?
Oil and rubber
Drama leftover from which war led to the Serbian/Hungarian conflict?
Franco-Prussian/even Napoleon's empire before that
Which country joins with Austria-Hungary against Serbia?
What led to the building of huge armies and the distrust of others in Europe pre WWI?
Nationalism and distrust of other countries
What financial problems added to the drama following WWI and would lead directly to WWII?
Great Depression (America was the biggest economy in the world. When it fell, everyone fell, especially Germany who was borrowing tons of money from America to pay its WWI debt)
Which two countries start the drama that becomes WWI?
Austria-Hungary and Serbia
Who is shot to officially begin WWI?
Archduke Ferdinand and his pregnant wife
How do you win in trench warfare?
Bomb the other side, then attack with bayonets and guns
What is no man's land?
The area between the trenches. It was easy to get shot here. You would be a sitting duck.
What is a type of war where you try to wear your enemy down? You only win when all of the enemy is dead or your side is completely dead. Generally depressing.
War of Attrition
Which country switches sides in WWI?
Italy (lame)
Which crumbling empire joins Germany and Austria-Hungary?
Ottoman Empire
What was the name of the English ship that was sunk by German subs?
Which English Arab led the overthrown of the Ottoman Empire?
Lawrence of Arabia
Why does America care that the English ship was sank by the Germans?
There were Muricans on that ship!
What does America warn Germany not to do?
Use submarines again.
Why does Russia quit WWI? Hint: it sounds like scholmmunism.
They have to go deal with the communists starting up the Russian Revolution
Who surrenders to end WWI?
Which country makes Germany PAY for WWI?
France (They hate Germany, remember)
In which three ways did Germany pay for WWI? (do you see any future hard-feelings coming out of this for baby Hitler?)
Must pay for the war, must forfeit all military weapons, must create Rhineland (a buffer zone between France and Germany)
What happened to the Ottoman Empire after WWI?
It dissolved into Turkey and other countries got gobbled up by France and England
Fears of revolutions and bad economic and social conditions led to what after WWI?
Strong leaders with a "plan"
What happened in the Russo-Japanese War?
Japan takes Russian land
Give two reasons why Czar Nicholas II shouldn't have been running the Russian army?
He had no experience and didn't train the soldiers
During which event did women strike due to low bread rations?
March Revolution
What was the outcome of the March Revolution for the protestors?
General death
Who led the Russian Revolution?
Which two armies fought in the Russian Revolution after the Czar and Duma were overthrown? What did each color represent?
Red (communists) v. White (to reinstate the Czar)
How did Czar Nicholas II and his family die?
Their bodies were burned and thrown down a mine shaft. It's a famous tourist attraction in Russia today.
Who wins the war after the Russian Revolution?
The communists (Red Army)
Russians saw the White Army as outsiders. They used nationalism and optimism for a communist future which led which army to win the war after the Russian Revolution?
Red Army
Why are things bad for Germany after WWI?
They are poor from the reparations they have to pay, from the stock market crashing and they are embarrassed from the loss
Which two groups does Hitler blame for Germany's WWIproblems?
Jews and the French
What was Hitler's reasoning for blaming Jews for Germany's WWI problems?
He thought they worked with the US to destroy the economy of Germany.
What does Hitler do that should have made the Allies shut him down?
Moves troops to Rhineland, builds up army, makes treaty with Mussolini in Italy
What did the Allies do instead when they should have shut Hitler down in the first place?
They called it appeasement. If they let Hitler do that, he'll just chill out and not do anything else crazy.
What is the official start of WWII?
When Germany invades Poland.
Who was in charge of Italy during WWII?
Who was in charge of USSR in WWII?
What do the Allies call the method of letting Hitler do what he wanted?
Who said "peace for our time"?
Nevel Chamberland
What does "peace for our time" mean?
If we leave Hitler alone, he won't do anything to hurt Europe.
Which Asian nation is acting imperialistic at the start of WWII?
Which southeast Asian country was used by Japan for oil and iron?
French Indochina
Which side dominates Europe in the beginning of WWII?
What military technique used by the Germans utilized a tanks and airplanes to level the battlefield like a steamroller?
What does "blitzkrieg" mean in German?
"Lightning War"
Which European country was leveled by the German air force? Many civilians were killed, including Harry Potter's dad.
England (Battle of Britain)
Which country switches sides in WWII?
Russia (Germany turns on them)
How is the much weaker Russian army able to stop the Germans?
They retreat and burn cities. The German army freezes to death.
What do Napoleon and Germany have in common in regards to Russia?
Russia used the same retreat and burn cities technique to win both battles.
Why does Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
They want to make the US give up control of islands in the pacific like Hawaii, Guam, Samoa and the Philippines. Also, the US sanctioned them for their control of Vietnam.
Why didn't the US join WWII sooner than Pearl Harbor?
They were isolationist. They didn't want to get involved in other countries' problems.
Where did the Allies (with Americans) invade Nazi occupied France? What is that day called?
Normandy, D-Day
How did Hitler die? (hint: it's not from mustache poisoning)
Suicide in a bunker while freedom rained down on him from above. MMMMMMMUUUUUUURRRRRIIIIIIICCCCAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Why did Truman decide to drop the bomb in Japan?
Japan was prepared for a land invasion. There would have been more Japanese and Ally lives lost if the invaded by land.
In which two cities were the atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima first and then Nagasaki
In what year did WWII end?
How many people died in WWII?
37 Million
Which two countries were the sole superpowers that existed after WWII?
What does USSR stand for?
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
How did the West view Russia and vice versa?
They thought the other was trying to spread their form of government and economy worldwide.
Who was in charge of Great Britain during WWII?
Winston Churchill
How do ideologies lead to the divide between capitalist and communist thinking?
If one has what she or he needs, it is hard for them to see how communism can be a good idea. Also, western ideas of independence and self reliance are counter to communist ideas.
What is a proxy war?
A war where the opponents are in place of other countries.
List three major proxy wars from the Cold War.
Vietnam, Korea, Cuba (missile crisis, Bay of Pigs)
Why is the Cold War so named?
Cold means it was not "hot", which means that it was a war or words and not actual battle.
What is MAD?
Mutually Assured Destruction
How does MAD keep WWIII from happening?
If one uses a nuclear bomb against a country that has a nuclear bomb, then his country would get nuked in retaliation. Self preservation has kept WWIII from happening...so far..
Which country put the first man in space? First man on the moon?
Space - USSR Moon - MURICA!!!!
Who won the Space Race?
Why did the Korean War happen? Who won?
Northern Korea became communist thanks to Lenin. Tried to move south. US stepped in to stop the spread. It was a stalemate, no country won.
What happened in the Bay of Pigs Invasion?
JFK finds out that Fidel Castro took over Cuba and made it communist Has the CIA train ex-Cubans, gives them guns and sends them to overthrow Castro Fail.
What happened in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Cuba orders nukes from USSR. Kennedy stops it in the Atlantic Ocean. 13 day phone tag leads to the nuke going back to USSR and JFK vowing to leave Cuba alone.
How did the Vietnam War end?
US is in a stalemate like is Korea. Congress votes to withdraw troops. Vietnam becomes full communist.
Why does USSR back out of the Cold War?
They can't keep up financially. People are starving.
How was Gorbachev different from his predecessors?
He wanted a more democratic and open government. Saw the survival of his people as more important than military dominance. Actually worked with the West.
What is perestroika and glasnost?
reform, openness. Reforms of Gorbachev in the USSR government in the 1980s.
What is the symbolic end of the Cold War?
The fall of the Berlin Wall
What is the theme of Picasso's "Guernica"?
War is bad, mkay?
Name two places that had nuclear meltdowns during the Cold War.
Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania (yay) Chernobyl, Ukraine (boo)
What is Civil Disobedience?
Disobeying unjust laws as protest
Which American leader did Gandhi inspire?
Who was the communist leader in China?
Mao Zedong
What was the name of Stalin and Lenin's crop plan?
New Economic Plan (NEP)
Who took over after Lenin died?
What was the name of Mao's period of rule in China?
Cultural Revolution
Why would teachers report a student's parent in communist China?
If the parent said something negative about the government. "I'm sorry, Protect the Leaders, but your father is going away for a long time."
What type of culture was viewed as evil under the Cultural Revolution?
Western culture
What mineral was a major motive for England to control South Africa?
What is the name of the official racial policy of South Africa?
What are three examples of the way blacks were treated by the British South African government?
Couldn't marry whites, had to live in crappy parts of the country, couldn't vote on certain things
Why was Mandela imprisoned?
Protesting peacefully
How did apartheid end? What was the role of outside countries and the role of Mandela in this?
Many countries, organizations and people boycotted South Africa to end apartheid and release Mandela. When he was released, Mandela was elected president.
What were the Tank Man protests and the protests in Tiananmen Square about?
Democracy in China
What term means a country's industrial system is focused on the military?
Military Industrial Complex
Which modern country is still so engrossed in the military industrial complex that some citizens starve so that the country can have a strong military?
North Korea
Why did Ireland and Northern Ireland split?
Irish nationalism and their need for a separate Catholic state from the UK.
Which Ireland is still part of the UK?
Northern Ireland (The southern part is just called Ireland)
What is the name of the former ruling group in Afghanistan that controlled the government between the rule of USSR and the invasion by the USA?
Al Qaeda
Why does Al-Quaeda have problems with the West?
Leftover drama from WWI when the Allies promised the Middle East their own countries. Leftover drama from USSR occupation in the 70s and 80s. Also, the West is evil and trying to kill Islam. And, Miley Cyrus.
How do video games like Call of Duty and Battlefield reflect modern world culture?
If the most popular thing for young boys to do in a culture is to emulate killing foreigners in rehashed battle scenes, it probably means that we are a violent and military-minded culture.
Who controlled the economies in USSR and China during most of Unit 6?
The government
What is the term for the government owning farms that were once private?
What plan led to the industrialization of USSR?
Five Year Plan
What was the most negative aspect of the Great Leap Forward?
The starvation of 30 million people
Which leader instated the Great Leap Forward?
What policy saw the United States government play a much bigger role in its economy?
New Deal
What policy was a response to the Great Depression? It was led by FDR
New Deal
What were the three Rs of the New Deal?
Reform, Relief and Recovery
List three programs created by the New Deal.
Social Security, Works Progress Act, Housing Authority, Minimum Wage (That's four, but I'm an over-achiever)
Which Egyptian leader took over the economy, made the country a republic and took over the Suez Canal back from England and France?
What is the name for an East Asian country the focused on industrialization and exports of goods after WWII?
Four Asian Tigers
What role did the Japanese government play in the recovery of the economy after WWII?
Played a big role, along with US influence
Which country rapidly industrialized after it was attacked in WWII?
Which country was influential in the rise of Japan after WWII?
By the end of the Twentieth Century, what was the global trend in economic systems?
Toward more of a free market capitalist system
Which Chinese leader modernized China's economy by opening it up to foreign trade and investment?
Deng Xiaoping
When was the League of Nations formed?
After WWI
What was the problem with the League of Nations?
It had no muscle. It didn't really have any punishments if countries started wars.
When was the UN formed?
After WWII. It had some muscle
What is the purpose of the WTO?
To protect the world economy and stop another Great Depression
What is the name of the group the focuses on health matters and is part of the UN?
WHO (World Health Organization)
What group united Europe politically and economically in 1993?
European Union (Their currency is the Euro)
What does NAFTA stand for?
North American Free Trade Alliance
What human rights document was adopted by the UN after WWII?
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
How many countries don't let women vote today?
List five common rights of women today.
Vote, hold office, fair wages, own property, serve in military, divorce
What term means the dislike or fear of people from other countries?
What is the most widely viewed sports event worldwide today?
World Cup
Which global sports competition started its modern era in 1894? Today, over 200 countries participate.
How do global sports competitions reflect modern international relations?
We can get together with other countries, in peace, and compete fairly...yeah right!