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Expeditionary Warfare Specialist (EXW)

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Whos the SECDEF?
Hon. Leon Panetta
Whos the SECNAV?
Hon. Ray Maybus
Who's the CNO?
ADM Jonathan Greenert
Who's MCPON?
MCPON (SS/SW) Rick West
Who's the CFFC?
ADM John Harvey
RADM Michael Tillotson
FORCM (EXW) Mike Wentzel
CMDRE Eric Moss
CMDCM (EXW) Mike Wentzel
Capt. Darren Hanson
CMDCM (EXW/SW) John Sebourn
5th Fleet NAVCENT?
VADM John Miller
RADM Anthony Gaiani
CTF 56 CO?
CDRE Daniel Coleman
CTU 56.7.1 and 56.7.2 Mission Commanders?
LCDR Kosloski (CTU 56.7.1)
CDR Salter (CTU 56.7.2)
Capt. Darren Hanson
CWO2 Scott Moss (CTU 56.7.2)
LCDR Dan Gross (CTU 56.7.1)
NECC (Navy Expeditinary Combat Command)
Deploys rapid deployable expeditionary forces, active duty and reserves in suppor of maritime security operations. NECC has 11 Sub-commands
Combat Camera?
visual infor acquition unit covering surface, subsurface, air and ground operations
provides personnel, trains, equips, and deploys U.S. navy sailors for a task force commanders
Expeditinary Combat Readiness?
assits IA's and GSA IA sailors by ensuring they are properly uniformed and equipped coodinating with the Army and ensure proper training.
Expeditinary Logistics?
Logistic support for expeditinary operations (LOGREQ) such as food, water, and shelter
Explosive Ordance Disposal (EOD)
and (MOS) movile diving and salvage
Expeditinary Diving (MDSU)?
provides combat ready, expeditinary, rapidly deployable MDS conduct harbor cleareance, salvage, underwater seach and recovery, and emergency repairs.
Martime Expeditinary Security Group (MESF)?
mission is force protection (AT/FP) harbor and homeland defense, coastal surveillance and special missions
Naval Construction Division (Seabees)?
Construction in support of operating forces, including roads, bridges, bunkers, airfields and logistics bases.
conducts Maritime Security operations and theater security cooperation, capable of combating enemy forces either directly or coordinating support fire
Expeditinary Intelligence (EI)?
intelligance support for deployed NECC units
Expeditinary Medical
health services to all NECC forces
Navy's Birthday?
Oct. 13th, 1775
White hat was established what year?
CPO Birthday?
April 1st, 1893
When was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
early morning Dec. 7th 1941
Seabee's Birthday?
March 5th, 1942
When was the Battle of Coral Sea?
early May 1942
NECC's was established on what date?
Jan. 13th, 2006
Expeditinary Warfare Specialist was approved on what date and by who?
July 31st, 2006 by ADM Mike Mullen
When was the attack on the USS Cole and where was it?
Oct. 12th, 2000 Yemen port of Aden
When was the Kobanar Tower Explosion?
June 25th, 1996
When was the Firebolt attacked by a suicide bomber?
April 24th, 2004
Who is considered the father of the modern Navy "father of our highest traditions" and where was he buried after he died?
John Paul Jones and US Naval Academy
What was significant about the battle of Coral Sea?
it was fought entirely by air, ships were not within view of each other
Who led the first Amphibious assault?
LT Stephen Decatur led the first amphib assault in Tripoli Harbor in 1805, against the Barbary pirates by going ashore and destorying the captured USS Philadelphia.
Three Components of an EXW pin?
M16, Cutlass, 34' Patrol Boat
MESF Coxswain Pin Components?
3 stars (for each task force in Vietnam), First Gen. 27' IBU boat, and Signifance of Trident shape
What terrorist action led to the re-eval of MESF?
USS Cole
ORM? and purpose?
Operational Risk Management the purpose is to minimize risk
3 types of ORM Briefs?
Time critical, Delibrate, and in-depth
2 categories of ORM?
Hazard security and mishap probability
5 steps of ORM?
Identify Hazards, Access the risk, Make risk decisions, implement contols, supervise
4 principles of ORM?
accept no un-necessary risks, accept the risks only when the benefit outweights the risk, make risk decisions at the right level, and mitigate risk through planning
3 types of ORM controls?
engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment
Who is ultimately responsible for safety?
the commanding officer
Personal Protective Equipment
What db is single and double ear protection need to be worn?
84+ db single ear protection, 104+db double ear protection for substained noises, 140+ db double protection for peak noises
EDVR? and how is it organized?
Enlisted Distribution Vertification Record and is organized by rank/rate or NEC
what entries are on your page 2? (NAVPERS 1070/602)
Emergency data, insurance data, and dependent info
entries on page 4 of your service record? (NAVPERS 1070/602)
Quals, Training, awards, home of record, (BAH)
wheres your "history of assignments" located in your service record? (NAVPERS 1070/605)
Page 5
What entries are made on your page 13? (NAVPERS 1070/613)
Admin remarks; good, bad, etc...
What is LOGREQ for?
identifies current supply shortfalls and requests supply support needed to complete mission
Difference between Supplies and Logistics?
Supplies are the actual items used to support/complete missions Logistics is the "life line" by which commands receive supply support
Consolidated Shipboard/Shore Allowance List
Consolidated Shore base allowance list
Operational Target? (OPTAR)
Annual Projected budget for a ship or station , distributed quartly
Who is the Allowance Change Request submitted to?
Type Commander
Most common use for the NAVSUP 1149?
Transfer/Custody document for equipment moved between commands
List of items needed to support your units equipment and mission?
COSAL- Consolidated Shipboard/Shore Allowance List
TOA- Table of Allowances
1st step to validating COSAL?
compare actual installed components/subcomponents against APL versus equipment installed
Allowanace Change Request
Where is ecvess property turned in?
Defense Re-utuization and Marketing Offcier (DRMO)
How often must requisitions be validated under Material Obligation Validation (MOV)?
Define Minor and Plant Property
Plant Property with a unit cost of $100,000 or more such as real estate

Minor property worth more than $2,500 and pilfer able
Not in stock
What is the DD Form 364 report of discrepancy (ROD) used for?
Shipping or packaging discrepancy, causing damage
Who prepares the DD form 364 Report of Discrepancy (ROD)?
The receiving activity
What form is used for Quality Deficiency Report?
Standard Form SF-386
What standard pallet is used for loading aircraft?
Aluminum "463L"
What is the first notice you will reveive indicating deployment?
Warning Order
What references will you prepare/consult for guidance?
What format are the Warning Order (WarnOrd) and Operations Order (OpOrd) in?
SMEAC aka 5 Paragraph Order
What does SMEAC stand for?
Situation, Mission, Execution, Admint and logistics, Command and Signal/Control
What steps and documents will you prepare/consult prior to deployment?
SLRP- survery,liaison, recond party, site survey checklist, app. NTTP 3-10
LOI - Letters of instruction
TOA- Table of Allowances
LOGREQ - Logistical Requirement
Convoy Plan
Safety Brief/ORM
Security Plan
TPFDD - Time Phase Force Deployment Data
What does JOPES stand for and what is it used for?
Joint Operations Planning and Execution System - it is the date portion of the OpPlan/OpOrd, DoD's tool for translating national security policy to joint military plans and operations
What does TPFDD stand for?
Time Phase Force Deployment Data
What are the 3 main phases of the TPFDD?
Concept, Plan Development, Review
What does TPFDD accomplish?
Tells the world you have specific transportation requirements, identifies movement data, cargo/personnel data include ; units already in place, units to be deployed by priority indicating sequence for arrival @ SPOE/SPOD and identifies the means, time-frame, and SPOD/APOD by which MESF forces will be transported in theater