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Types and Systems of Government


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Autocracy (Autocratic)
Rule by one person (monarchy, dictatorship)
Rule by a small group of people who normally gain control through force
Rule by a large group of people
Representative Democracy (Republic/Indirect Democracy)
Government in which citizens elect delegates to make government decisions on their behalf (USA)
Direct Democracy
Government in which all citizens participate in government (Ancient Athens)
Constitutional Monarchy
Government in which a king or queen rules with a legislative body; the monarch is limited in power
Absolute Monarchy
Government in which a king or queen rules independently and typically has unlimited power
Totalitarian Dictatorship
Autocratic government system in which an individual gains power by force (Hitler, Stalin, etc.,)
Unitary System
System of government in which an entire country is governed as a single unit or entity; state or regional governments (if they exist) are given limited, if any, sovereignty
Confederal System
System of government in which states or regional governments are loosely organized and retain sovereignty; the national government (if it exists) has very limited power
Federal System (Federal Government/Federalism)
System of government in which power is divided between the states and the national/federal government
Constitutional government
A government that is limited in power, with leaders that are bound by requirements & expectations listed in a binding document
Government w/constitution
A government that follows a set of guidelines but is not limited in power