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  1. Acromioclavicular
  2. head, shaft, base
  3. Phalanx
  4. Middle Phalanx
  5. Interosseus
  1. a term used for the clavicle and scapula join
  2. b List the three parts of a finger bone
  3. c membrane that attaches the radius to the ulna
  4. d What bone is missing in the thumb
  5. e Term used for a single finger bone

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  1. V-shaped area on humerus (attachment site for the shoulder muscle)
  2. joint found between the phalanges
  3. How many bones are found in the upper limb
  4. Name the lateral condyle of the humerus
  5. List the Proximal row of carpals

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  1. Coronoid fossaThe Posterior depression of the humerus (located at the distal end)


  2. movementprimary function of the appendicluar skeleton


  3. Sternal/ body/Acromialjoint found between the phalanges


  4. Head of radiusThe structure that articulates with the lateral condyle (not just the bone)


  5. Glenoid Fossa (glenoid cavity)V-shaped area on humerus (attachment site for the shoulder muscle)