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Pour préparer le quiz sur la Reprise

vous travaillez

you (pl.) work/are working

je travaille

I work/am working

je voyage

I travel/am traveling

vous voyagez

you (pl.) travel/are traveling

tu voyages

you (sing.) travel/are traveling

tu travailles

you (sing.) work/are working

il travaille

he works/is working

elle travaille

she works/is working

nous travaillons

we work/are working

ils travaillent

they (m.) work/are working

elles travaillent

they (f.) work/are working

il voyage

he travels/is traveling

elle voyage

she travels/is traveling

nous voyageons

we travel/are traveling

elles voyagent

they (f.) travel/are traveling

ils voyagent

they (m.) travel/are traveling

nous nageons

we swim/are swimming

il nage

he swims/is swimming

je nage

I swim/am swimming

je mange

I eat/am eating

tu manges

you (sing.) eat/are eating

nous mangeons

we eat/are eating

nous dînons

we eat (are eating) dinner

je dîne

I eat (am eating) dinner

tu dînes

you (sing.) eat dinner

elle dîne

she eats (is eating) dinner

il dîne

he eats (is eating) dinner

vous dînez

you (pl.) eat dinner


I study/am studying

tu étudies

you (sing.) study/are studying

vous étudiez

you (pl.) study/are studying

ils étudient

they (m.) study/are studying

elles étudient

they (f.) study/are studying


I live/am living

tu habites

you (sing.) live/are living

il habite

he lives/is living

elle habite

she lives/is living

nous habitons

we live/are living

vous habitez

you (pl.) live/are living

elles habitent

they (f.) living/are living

nous n'aimons pas

we don't like

vous n'aimez pas

you (pl.) don't like

tu n'aimes pas

you (sing.) don't like

je n'aime pas

I don't like

ils n'aiment pas

they (m.) don't like

elles n'aiment pas

they (s.) don't like

je vends

I sell/am selling

tu vends

you (sing.) sell/are selling

il vend

he sells/is selling

elle vend

she sells/is selling

nous vendons

we sell/are selling

elles vendent

they (f.) sell/are selling

ils vendent

they (m.) sell/are selling

vous vendez

you (pl.) sell/are selling

je finis

I finish/am finishing

tu finis

you (sing.) finish/are finishing

il finit

he finishes/is finishing

elle finit

she finishes/is finishing

nous finissons

we finish/are finishing

vous finissez

you (pl.) finish/are finishing

ils finissent

they (m.) finish/are finishing

elles finissent

they (f.) finish/are finishing

je choisis

I choose

tu choisis

you (sing.) choose

il choisit

he chooses

elle choisit

she chooses

nous choisissons

we choose

vous choisissez

you (pl.) choose

ils choisissent

they (m.) choose

elles choisissent

they (f.) choose

je réponds

I answer

tu réponds

you (sing.) answer

elle répond

she answers

il répond

he answers

nous répondons

we answer

vous répondez

you (pl.) answer

ils répondent

they (m.) answer

elles répondent

they (f.) answer

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