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This mouse term refers to tapping the left mouse button twice in quick succession.


Click this button on a window Title bar to reduce the window to a task button on the Taskbar.


Click this button on a window Title bar to expand the window so it fills the entire screen.

Date and Time dialog box

Click the time located at the right side of the Taskbar and then click this option to open the Date and Time dialog box.


This is the name of a mini program that you can display on the desktop for information at a glance, such as a calendar.

Windows Help and Support Window

Windows Help and Support is accessed from this button on the Taskbar.

Address Bar

Navigate to any other device or folder from the current device and folder using the Navigation pane or this bar in the Computer window.

Folder Options

Specify the option to open each folder in its own window at this dialog box.

New Folder

Click this button on the toolbar to create a new folder in the computer window.


`Change the display of files and folders in the Computer window to List or Details using this button on the toolbar.


To select adjacent files, click the first file, hold down this key, then click any other desired files.


Click this option at the Organize drop-down list to move the selected files.

Recycle Bin

Files deleted from the hard drive are sent here.

Control Panel

Open this window to display a list of categories or icons in which you can customize the appearance and functionality of your computer.

Search programs and files

Type a search criterion in this text box at the Start menu to locate a program.


Customize the desktop by changing the background, screen saver, and color option at this window.

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