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  1. character
  2. protagonist
  3. improvisation
  4. dialogue
  5. downstage
  1. a the main character representing good
  2. b the imaginary person on stage
  3. c making it up on the spot
  4. d the spoken words on the stage
  5. e movement towards the audience

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  1. the action that tells you to begin
  2. the main person who oversees the entire play
  3. the real person standing on the stage
  4. person vs. person, self, nature, society
  5. a prop easily moved on and off the stage

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  1. 3-act playmany characters; developed more completely; lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours; intermission


  2. round theaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  3. pantomimea play without dialogue


  4. make-upcosmetics used on the face or body


  5. flyspacewooden frames used to build sets