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  1. antagonist
  2. dress rehearsal
  3. ad lib
  4. backstage
  5. director
  1. a a run-through of the play including everything
  2. b the main person who oversees the entire play
  3. c behind the area where acting is taking place
  4. d adding lines to the script
  5. e the main person representing evil

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  1. depressing or sad play; ends on a low note
  2. moving away from the stage
  3. the imaginary person on stage
  4. the spoken words on the stage
  5. movement towards the audience

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  1. plotthe whole group of people that make up the play


  2. amphitheateroutside, level stage


  3. amateurcosmetics used on the face or body


  4. thrust theaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  5. playwrightthe person who writes the play