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  1. 1-act play
  2. antagonist
  3. playwright
  4. ad lib
  5. pantomime
  1. a a play without dialogue
  2. b adding lines to the script
  3. c the person who writes the play
  4. d few, flat characters; one problem or conflict; lasts 30 minutes
  5. e the main person representing evil

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  1. inside, people sit all around the stage
  2. to try out for a play
  3. platform, 3-side seating, intimate, audience next to stage
  4. the imaginary person on stage
  5. making it up on the spot

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  1. proscenium theaterelegant, curtain, opera pit


  2. cuethe furniture or background that stays


  3. protagonistthe main person representing evil


  4. actorevents in a play or story


  5. blackoutthe real person standing on the stage


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