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  1. backstage
  2. prompter
  3. cue
  4. hand prop
  5. director
  1. a the action that tells you to begin
  2. b the main person who oversees the entire play
  3. c a prop easily moved on and off the stage
  4. d a machine or person who helps you remember your lines
  5. e behind the area where acting is taking place

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  1. to try out for a play
  2. outside, level stage
  3. many characters; developed more completely; lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours; intermission
  4. the person who writes the play
  5. elegant, curtain, opera pit

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  1. pantomimewhen you remove all of the set and scenery after the play


  2. setthe furniture or background that stays


  3. dress rehearsala run-through of the play including everything


  4. downstagebehind the area where acting is taking place


  5. antagonistthe main person representing evil