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  1. set
  2. cue
  3. improvisation
  4. 1-act play
  5. make-up
  1. a few, flat characters; one problem or conflict; lasts 30 minutes
  2. b the furniture or background that stays
  3. c cosmetics used on the face or body
  4. d making it up on the spot
  5. e the action that tells you to begin

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  1. the real person standing on the stage
  2. to try out for a play
  3. what actors wear to show you you're in character
  4. behind the area where acting is taking place
  5. a machine or person who helps you remember your lines

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  1. plotevents in a play or story


  2. tragedydepressing or sad play; ends on a low note


  3. dialoguethe spoken words on the stage


  4. thrust theaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  5. protagonistthe main person representing evil