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  1. flats
  2. round theater
  3. plot
  4. strike
  5. backstage
  1. a when you remove all of the set and scenery after the play
  2. b behind the area where acting is taking place
  3. c wooden frames used to build sets
  4. d events in a play or story
  5. e inside, people sit all around the stage

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  1. a funny or humorous play
  2. cosmetics used on the face or body
  3. outside, level stage
  4. the main person who oversees the entire play
  5. the main character representing good

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  1. flyspacedirectly above the acting space; used to lower things in


  2. blackoutevents in a play or story


  3. ad libadding lines to the script


  4. hand propadding lines to the script


  5. dress rehearsala run-through of the play including everything