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  1. improvisation
  2. character
  3. backstage
  4. flats
  5. dialogue
  1. a behind the area where acting is taking place
  2. b the imaginary person on stage
  3. c making it up on the spot
  4. d wooden frames used to build sets
  5. e the spoken words on the stage

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  1. a non-professional actor
  2. all of the lights are out
  3. a funny or humorous play
  4. a run-through of the play including everything
  5. a prop easily moved on and off the stage

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  1. make-upcosmetics used on the face or body


  2. actora non-professional actor


  3. protagonistthe main person representing evil


  4. setthe whole group of people that make up the play


  5. conflictswooden frames used to build sets