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  1. pubofemoral
  2. ischiofemoral
  3. greater trochanter (medial surface)
  4. pudendal, tibial
  5. SGN
  1. a limits extension and abduction (inferior)
  2. b innervation of tensor fascia latae
  3. c insertion of obturator internus
  4. d limits extension and medial rotation (posteriorly)
  5. e anterior divisions of sacral plexus

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  1. nerve supply of obturator internus
  2. contents of GSF and ISF (between pelvis and perineum)
  3. insertion of gluteus maximus
  4. _____ ligament limits hyperextension and lateral rotation - strongest ligament in body
  5. origin of obturator internus

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  1. greater trochanter (superior border)insertion of obturator internus


  2. 125angle of femur neck with shaft: ___ degrees


  3. ventral raminerve supply of piriformis


  4. IGNinnervation of gluteus maximus


  5. posterior gluteal linenerve supply of obturator internus