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  1. SGN
  2. ischiofemoral
  3. ITB, gluteal tuberosity
  4. ventral rami
  5. 125
  1. a limits extension and medial rotation (posteriorly)
  2. b innervation of tensor fascia latae
  3. c nerve supply of piriformis
  4. d angle of femur neck with shaft: ___ degrees
  5. e insertion of gluteus maximus

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  1. muscle that performs hip extension, knee extension, stabilisation of trunk, pelvis and knee
  2. insertion of obturator internus
  3. innervation of gluteus maximus
  4. nerve supply of obturator internus
  5. origin of obturator internus

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  1. nerve to OI, pudendal nerve, internal pudendal vesselscontents of GSF than exit below piriformis


  2. SGN and vesselsinnervation of tensor fascia latae


  3. iliofemoral_____ ligament limits hyperextension and lateral rotation - strongest ligament in body


  4. greater trochanter (superior border)insertion of obturator internus


  5. pudendal, tibialnerve supply of piriformis


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