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Swansong Facts (AQA Dance GCSE)

Christopher Bruce
Choreographer for Swansong
Various, including Rambert Dance Company
Company for Swansong
November 1987
Date that Swansong was first performed
Philip Chambon
Accompaniment for Swansong
- Electro acoustic with digitally sampled sounds, vocals, a reed pipe and popular dance rhythms.
- Unaccompanied interludes enable us to hear the tapping of feet.
- Composed in collaboration with the choreographer.
Describe the accompaniment for Swansong.
Christopher Bruce
Costume designer for Swansong
- Everyday clothes associated with roles:
+ Uniforms for the guards.
+ Jeans and T shirt for the victim
Describe the costumes in Swansong
David Mohr
Lighting designer for Swansong
- Overhead lighting and a diagonal shaft of light from upstage left.
- Footlights create shadows.
- Atmospheric
Describe the lighting in Swansong
Christopher Bruce
Set designer for Swansong
- Bare stage except for chair.
- Suggests a cell.
- Interrogators always exit stage right (a door?)
- The chair has many purposes and is used symbolically as a weapon, a shield and shackles.
- Props (canes and red nose) are used to degrade the victim.
Describe the set in Swansong.
Type of staging in Swansong
Three men (also performed by three women or a mixed cast but NOT two male guards and a female victim)
Dancers in Swansong
Episodic, dramatic, thematic
Choreographic style of Swansong
- Contemporary, with physical contact and some balletic movements.
- Includes references to social and theatrical dance.
- Tap (especially for interrogative scenes)
Dance styles in Swansong
Human rights; prisoner of conscience
Theme of Swansong
- The work of Amnesty International
- Saying goodbye to a career as a dancer
- The experiences of Chilean poet Victor Jara
- The Novel 'A Man' by Oriana Fallaci
Starting points/inspiration for Swansong
- Introduction followed by seven sections.
- The victim remains on stage throughout and performs a solo in section 3 with motifs that are developed/repeated in sections 5 and 7.
Structure/sections in Swansong