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basic definitions for culinary students


1/8x1/8x1 to 2 inches


1/4x1/4x2 to 2.5 inches



small dice


medium dice


large dice



seven two inch sides


1/2x1/2x1/8 should fit on a medium dice


to cut on an angle creating more surface area


cut sides are neither parallel or perpendicular. achieved by rolling the product


to chop finely.


product cut into relatively the same size


used mainly on tomoatoes. it takes out the seeds and the skin. drop the tomato in boiling water to help remove the skin.

slice onion

cut along an angle in order to create even slices

dice onion

cut on angle but not all the way back then cut parallel to create even dice


used on herbs and leafy greens mainly making fine shreds.

clean and chop parsley

wash then chop by balling the parsley. then using a towel ring out the parsley which will create a dry chopped parsley.

blanch and shock veg.

to put a veg. in boiling water for a few seconds then removing it and putting it directly in ice water to stop the cooking process.

roasting and peeling peppers

roast the pepper till all sides are black then remove from flame and cover to keep in moisture. cut into manageable pices and scrap off the black with teh back of your knife.

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