19 terms

Basic Lab Equipment Vocabulary

Corporate Landing Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA
Alcohol Burner
to heat a substance
used like a cup to hold liquids
Beaker Tongs
to pick up and hold a beaker
used to cover an object on a microscope slide
Erlenmeyer Flask
used to swirl or mix solutions; can be heated
used to pour substances from one container to another substance
Graduated Cylinder
measures the volume of liquid (ml)
Hot Plate
used to heat substances
Medicine Dropper
to transfer small amounts (drops) of liquid
Metric Ruler
used to measure length
used to view objects to small to be seen with the naked eye
Microscope Slide
holds material being viewed under a microscope
specimen dish
used to view specimens
Test Tube
to be used for heating or holding small quantities of a substance
Test Tube Brush
to clean a test tube
Test Tube Clamp
to hold a single test tube
Test Tube Rack
used to hold test tubes in an upright position
to measure temperature of a substance
Triple Beam Balance
measures the mass of an object (g)