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An ancient art and science that brings health and well-being to your body, mind, and spirit
Yoga is accomplished through a practice of
movement, held postures, breathing exercises, and mental focus
Yoga is good for men, women, and children - it helps
one to relax, feel in touch with our inner being, gain energy, remain flexible both physically and mentally, and develop inner strength
The 2 main focuses of yoga are
asana - postures and exercises
pranayama - breathing techniques
The word yoga comes from
the Sanskrit word "yug" which means to yoke
There are a wide variety of asanas (over 200) each one with its own distinct form dictated by
stretching, counter stretching, and resistance
Major focus of the asanas
alignment of the muscular and skeletal structures
Adding a conscious breathing pattern to the asanas helps circulate energy and blood and brings balance to the
parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (which govern the function of just about every system in the body)
Another aim of yoga is to bring about a balanced flow of energy through the body's energy centers, known as
chakras - (there are 8 different chakras)
_____ during yoga is very important
Mental focus
They key is to hold your mind in the present time by
focusing on your breath; you can hear it, feel it, even visualize the breath
As you inhale, see ____ , or life energy, entering your body
As you exhale, release _____, the used up energy, old thoughts and feelings, tensions, and discomforts
About _____ of relaxation between postures allows the energy to circulate through the body and mind
20 seconds to 1 minute
Follow yoga with deep relaxation on your back for a minimum of
10 minutes
It is best to practice yoga barefoot on a
sticky or non-slip mat with a blanket or rug for extra padding
Eyes should have a
soft focus or be closed
Move slowly into each pose to
avoid injury and increase inner awareness
Discomfort is okay,
pain is not
To conclude a stretch
inhale and pause briefly, then exhale and relax the posture
legs crossed at the ankles, bottom on floor, straight spine, relax the shoulders and rest hands on knees
Easy pose
knees and tops of feet on floor, drop the chest to the knees and forehead on floor
child's pose
exhale and lift pelvis upward and pressing it back, hands and feet on floor - make a V with the body
Downward facing dog
on hands and knees arch back upwards as you exhale and tuck chin to chest
cat stretch
on hands and knees arch back towards the ground and bring head back as you inhale
cow stretch
palms of hands together with thumbs pressed into chest
prayer pose
Stand tall, feet close together. Place left or right foot on the opposite inner thigh - breathe deeply and bring the palms together at the heart center and raise arms straight overhead
tree pose
feet are at four feet apart, arms are raised straight out to the side at shoulder level and palms facing the floor
triangle pose
go to triangle pose - turn right foot out to the side - exhale and bend your right knee to a 90 degree angle - turn your head and face right hand. switch and do left side