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Types of Remains

Human, animal, artifacts

Types of Fossils

Actual, Imprints, Petrified


before drawing and writing


Since drawing and writing

why is it called the "stone age"

things were made using stone

why is it called the "metal ages"
First three metals?

Things were made from metal. Copper, bronze, then iron

Paleolithic ages - living and occupation

nomadic, hunter and gatherers

What era were the Paleo, Meso, and Neolithic ages in?


Mesolithic age - living


Mesolithic use of Forests

use of wood - building, bow and arrow, handled axes, canoes > travel

Mesolithic Domestication - first animals?

Dog, goat

Most inventions, ex. the wheel, were made in what age?

Neolithic age

What age was agriculture started?

Neolithic age

What is the name for the start of agriculture

Neolithic revolution

What effects were caused by the development of agriculture?

civilization, sedentary living

What effects were caused by the domestication of animals?

food, transportation, clothing

what happens during the ice age?

northern ice caps melt

what is the nickname for the ice age?

pleistocene Epoch

what is a land bridge?

The sea level lowers and land is exposed during ice age

what is an interglacial period

imbetween ice age ( what we live in now)

Where was the Early Man found?


Donald Johanson did what?

Discovered almost intact female skeletal remain (Lucy)

Mary Leakey

Most famous archaeoligist


first skeletal like her ever found

what is a hominid?

Human like creature that can walk up right (doesnt mean they have to)

What is important about the homo habalis and what is it's nick name?

more advanced skeleton found with artifacts, handy man

What is the important about the next skeleton found after the homo habalis, and what was its nick name?

Next advanced skeleton, a little bigger, and worked with fire. (first fire evidence), Peking man

First skeleton everybody agrees is human?

homo sapian early

what is a Neanderthal?

more advanced/recent skeleton found wearing animal skins(a first) and first burial of the dead. - they are interesting because have more "ape like appearance"

What is a cro-magnon

homo sapian, neolithic age man, modern man, historic man

4 great rive valley civilization - rivers

Tigris and Euprates, nile, indus, yellow

Characteristics of a civilization - developemnet of group living?

organization and structured living

Catal Huyuk?

largest and best preserved Neolithic site found to date


believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world

What developed government?

Need for team work and cooperation > river projects, control river

Divisions of Labor? (jobs)

farmers, traders, merchants, atrisans, priests, leaders

What effects are there of a Food Surplus

Population grows > Trade

Calender was invented why?

farming - keep track of flooding and seasons

What was the purpose of writing>

keep records, transactions

Roles of early males

hunt and gather, defend, secret religous ritiuals

Roles of early females

hunt and gather, defend, child bearing > women "gift of life", cook, make clothes.

Between males and females, who originally had the higher status?

Females, because they gave life.

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