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  1. Between central incisors (midline)
    3rd molars
  2. 1st Molar
    2nd Molar
  3. Axial Surface
  4. Maxillary 2nd Molar, 11 months
  5. Mesial Third
  1. a From an incisal view, the surface of tooth that is closer to the midline is arbitrarily referred to as what?
  2. b What is the more generic term for mesial, distal, facial, and lingual surfaces? (posterior teeth have 4 of these)
  3. c The developing tooth follicle of permanent premolars is located within the bifurcation or trifurcation of what primary teeth?
  4. d Where would you find two mesial surfaces making a proximal surface? What other teeth only have 1 proximal surface?
  5. e What is the last primary tooth crown to be completed? How old is the child?

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  1. What are the first maxillary and mandibular primary tooth roots to completely form? How old is the child?

  2. True or False: The arrow indicates a facial ridge of the distolingual cusp.
  3. Is the height of curvature of the cervical line greater on the mesial or distal side?
  4. What periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?
  5. Portion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)

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  1. Maxillary Central Incisor (mesial is largest, 3.5mm)What is the first primary tooth to have a completed crown? How old is the child?


  2. Permanent 1st MolarsWhat molars erupt at age 6?


  3. A= Anatomic Crown (does not change with age)
    B = Clinical Crown (changes with age/different factors affecting gingival tissue)

    (A) Which crown?
    (B) Which crown?


  4. 20 monthsWhen does the last primary tooth emerge?


  5. Man = II II IM
    What are the locations of proximal contact areas in the mandible?