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  1. 13-16 weeks
  2. Haplodont
  3. 1 year
  4. Quadritubercular Molar
  5. Calcification or Mineralization
  1. a When does calcification begin in utero?
  2. b Process by which the tissues of the developing tooth become hardened by the deposits of calcium salts.
  3. c Cusp classification with four cusps in a rectangular or rhomboid form. Seen in humans.
  4. d By what age are all tooth crowns complete?
  5. e Cusp classification with a single cone structure

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  1. From birth to 1 year, what permanent teeth are initiating calcification?
  2. Where would you find a proximal contact area at the junction of the incisal and middle thirds in the maxilla?
  3. Name the teeth contained in one quadrant of the primary dentition
  4. Most teeth contact how many teeth in the opposing arch?
  5. True or False: The base of a triangular fossa is a marginal ridge.

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  1. Permanent maxillary 1st, 2nd, 3rd molars
    Primary maxillary 1st, 2nd molar
    Where are oblique ridges found in the permanent and primary dentition?


  2. Distal or posterior to the primary molars
    When is this? What has yet to emerge in the primary dentition at this time?


  3. Maxillary canine
    At age 11, the mandibular 2nd premolar emerges slightly before what tooth?


  4. Gingival tissue and interseptal bone accomodationWhy is the gingival embrasure larger than the incisal embrasure?


  5. Mandibular central incisor
    Maxillary 2nd Molar
    Which tooth has the greatest mesial curvature at the cervical line?