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  1. Oblique Ridge
  2. 6 years old
    Anterior tooth spacing stops
    Permanent 1st molars erupted
  3. Pure
  4. Permanent maxillary 1st, 2nd, 3rd molars
    Primary maxillary 1st, 2nd molar
  5. Central Incisor (2 degrees)
  1. a Where are oblique ridges found in the permanent and primary dentition?
  2. b From a facial reference point, which maxillary teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*
  3. c In order to be a ______ transverse ridge, both ridges must be triangular.
  4. d
    When is this? What are the key identifiers of age?
  5. e What is an example of a transverse ridge that is not a pure transverse ridge?

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  1. The place where the mesial of one tooth contacts the distal of the adjacent
  2. What is the first primary tooth to have a completed crown? How old is the child?
  3. Name the teeth contained in one quadrant of the primary dentition
  4. By what age are all tooth crowns complete?
  5. # of teeth in the primary dentition

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  1. CanineIn the mandibular anterior teeth, what tooth has a middle third proximal contact point on its distal side?


  2. TriconodontCusp classification with three cusps in a straight line


  3. 6 yearsAnterior tooth spacing stops by what age?


  4. 3 yearsAnterior tooth spacing stops by what age?


  5. A = Young patient
    B = Old patient
    The developing tooth follicle of permanent premolars is located within the bifurcation or trifurcation of what primary teeth?