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  1. Premolars
    3rd molar
  2. 20 months
  3. Man = II II IM
  4. Tooth Follicle
  5. 9 years
  1. a What are the locations of proximal contact areas in the mandible?
  2. b When do the 3rd molars begin calcification?
  3. c Center of calcification that contains the developing tooth and odontogenic organ.
  4. d Posterior teeth that are absent from primary dentition
  5. e At what age have all primary teeth emerged except for the second molars?

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  1. When does anterior tooth spacing become evident? (primate spacing)
  2. Lingual ridges of anterior canines create what surfaces?
  3. The place where the mesial of one tooth contacts the distal of the adjacent
  4. Which tooth has the greatest mesial curvature at the cervical line?
  5. In order to be a ______ transverse ridge, both ridges must be triangular.

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  1. Tritubercular MolarCusp classification with three cusps in a primary triangle.


  2. Central Incisor (2 degrees)From a facial reference point, which maxillary teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*


  3. Periodontal ligamentA sac-like structure that contains the developing tooth within the osseous structures of the jaw.


  4. CanineIs the mandible or maxilla larger from the distal of one third molar through the middle of each tooth to the opposite side third molar?


  5. Dental FolliclesA special ridge to canines that is NOT found on the facial surface. This is the only anterior tooth to have this anatomy.