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  1. Tooth Follicle
  2. Mandibular
  3. Lingual Heights of Contour
  4. A = Young patient
    B = Old patient
  5. 3.25 years (39 months)
  1. a When is root formation complete for primary teeth?
  2. b
    Which patient is older and which is younger?
  3. c The raised or convex contour on the lingual surface of posterior teeth found in the middle third. Not a ridge.
  4. d In primary dentition, do the mandibular or maxillary teeth usually erupt before namesakes in the opposing structure?
  5. e Center of calcification that contains the developing tooth and odontogenic organ.

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  1. # of teeth in the primary dentition
  2. Initial mineralization of the primary dentition is entirely completed when?
  3. From years 2-4, what permanent teeth are initiating calcification?
  4. What are the first maxillary and mandibular primary tooth roots to completely form? How old is the child?
  5. What is the more generic term for mesial, distal, facial, and lingual surfaces? (posterior teeth have 4 of these)

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  1. Calcification or MineralizationLoss of a tooth from the oral cavity


  2. Twenty Months
    2nd primary molars

    When is this? What has yet to emerge in the primary dentition at this time?


  3. PureTrue or False: The base of a triangular fossa is a marginal ridge.


  4. 4 yearsWhen do the 3rd molars begin calcification?


  5. 1st Molar
    2nd Molar
    From years 2-4, what permanent teeth are initiating calcification?