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  1. False (A groove is at the bottom of a sulcus)
  2. True
  3. A = Young patient
    B = Old patient
  4. Oblique Ridge
  5. 9 years
  1. a When do the 3rd molars begin calcification?
  2. b
    Which patient is older and which is younger?
  3. c True or False: The teeth are strategically positioned in the arches at varied and coordinated degrees of inclination.
  4. d What is an example of a transverse ridge that is not a pure transverse ridge?
  5. e True or False: Sulcus and groove are used interchangeably.

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  1. How do you name a point angle on a posterior tooth?
  2. Which tooth has the greatest mesial curvature at the cervical line?
  3. Where are the developing follicles of permanent molars located?
  4. A sac-like structure that contains the developing tooth within the osseous structures of the jaw.
  5. Portion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)

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  1. Transseptal fibersWhat periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?


  2. Max = IJ JM JM

    At age 11, the mandibular 2nd premolar emerges slightly before what tooth?


  3. Lateral Incisor (0 degrees)From a facial reference point, which mandibular teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*


  4. Maxillary teeth have a greater height of curvatureWhat is the last primary tooth crown to be completed? How old is the child?


  5. Axial SurfaceThe place where the mesial of one tooth contacts the distal of the adjacent