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  1. Lingual Heights of Contour
  2. Canine
  3. Molars
  4. Tritubercular Molar
  5. Incisogingival ovoid
  1. a
    Which teeth have little to no curvature?
  2. b In the mandibular anterior teeth, what tooth has a middle third proximal contact point on its distal side?
  3. c Cusp classification with three cusps in a primary triangle.
  4. d The raised or convex contour on the lingual surface of posterior teeth found in the middle third. Not a ridge.
  5. e What describes the shape of the proximal contact point?

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  1. From birth to 1 year, what permanent teeth are initiating calcification?
  2. The height of contour of the maxillary posterior teeth on the facial surface is located where?
  3. True or False: The base of a triangular fossa is a marginal ridge.
  4. What is the more generic term for mesial, distal, facial, and lingual surfaces? (posterior teeth have 4 of these)
  5. What periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?

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  1. 20 monthsWhen is tooth occlusion evident?


  2. 2nd Premolar (6 degrees)From a proximal reference point, which mandibular teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*


  3. LingualInitial mineralization of the primary dentition is entirely completed when?


  4. Mesial of the maxillary lateral incisor
    Mesial of the maxillary canine
    From birth to 1 year, what permanent teeth are initiating calcification?


  5. Between central incisors (midline)
    3rd molars
    Where would you find two mesial surfaces making a proximal surface? What other teeth only have 1 proximal surface?