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  1. Osteoblasts
  2. Triconodont
  3. False (Triangular ridge of the distolingual cusp)
  4. Prenatal
  5. 4 years
  1. a Cusp classification with three cusps in a straight line
  2. b Orthodontic forces on the periodontal fibers cause the activity of what type of cells?
  3. c
    True or False: The arrow indicates a facial ridge of the distolingual cusp.
  4. d Initial mineralization of the primary dentition is entirely completed when?
  5. e When does anterior tooth spacing become evident? (primate spacing)

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  1. The developing tooth follicle of permanent premolars is located within the bifurcation or trifurcation of what primary teeth?
  2. When is root formation complete for primary teeth?
  3. The precise stage of tooth development as it first appears or emerges through the gingiva
  4. Where would you find two mesial surfaces making a proximal surface? What other teeth only have 1 proximal surface?
  5. Calcification of what PERMANENT crowns have completed by age 6?

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  1. Cervical third (0.5 mm)The height of contour of the maxillary anterior teeth, both facially and lingually, is located where?


  2. Middle third (0.5 mm)From an incisal view, the surface of tooth that is closer to the midline is arbitrarily referred to as what?


  3. Distal or posterior to the primary molarsWhere are the developing follicles of permanent molars located?


  4. Maxillary 3rd molars
    At age 11, the mandibular 2nd premolar emerges slightly before what tooth?


  5. Calcification or MineralizationLoss of a tooth from the oral cavity