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direct acting agonist of a1,a2, b1; degraded by MAO and COMT


direct acting agonist of a1,a2,b1,b2; degraded by MAO and COMT


Direct acting agonsit of B1 and B2


Direct acting agonist of B1 receptor; degraded by MAO and COMT


Direct acting agonist of a1; leads to nasal vein constriction to reduce nasal congestion; also used in hypotensive emergency


direct acting agonist of a1; used in hypotensive emergency


Direct acting agonist on a1 and b1 has selectivity towards B1; net effect is positive inotropy; Useful in treating CHF


direct acting agonist of a2, has CNS effects many side effects; used to treat HT


direct agonist of a2, long acting and is used for nasal congestion (via nasal arterioles


B2 direct acting agonist, inhaled, used for broncospasm in asthma


similar to albuterol in that it is a B2 direct acting agonist, it has a rapid onset of action


B2 direct acting agonist administered IV, used for uterine relaxation in premature labor


Indirect acting agonist that increases the release of NE

Indirect acting agonists

class of alpha beta agonists that act by increasing release of NE resulting in increased BP adn HR, sever responses, tachyphylaxis is possible;

Indirect acting agonists indications

alerting/sleep deferring, narcolepsy, appetite suppression, adhd


Indirect acting agonist of a,b; it is long acting; used to treat postural hypertension; has direct effects as well; severe toxicities including stroke, MI and death


Indirect acting agonists that has more effects on alpha rather than B than ephedrine; Tx: nasal congestion; it is a schedule II drug that can be used to make meth


reverses NE and DA reuptake; blocks NE and DE reuptake and MAO, readily enters the CNS, has a high abuse potential and is used to treat ADHD


Off market indirect acting agonist of alpha or B, it was taken off market because of hemorrhagic strokes


alpha antagonist with a1=a2

Phentolamine or phenoxybenzamine

Tx pheochromocytoma and Raynauds

Phentolamine MOA

Equilibrium competitive antagonist of a1=a2, moderate duratio

Phentolamine adverse effects

orthostatic hypertension, tachycardia, miosis, nasal stuffiness, inhibited ejaculation, GI disturbances - resulting from histamine release


a1>a2; nonequilibrium competitive antagonism; Inhibits ACH, 5HT, Histamine receptors, blocks NET and extraneuronal uptake; SE include Otrthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, Miosis, Nasal stuffiness. Inhibits ejaculation

Prazosin, terazosin, doxazosin, alfuzosin

a1 adrenoreceptor antagonists that are equilibrium competitive antagonists of moderate duration; Tx mild-moderate hypertension and BPH; **1st dose syncope, fewer reflex cardiac stimulation b/c it doesn't block presynaptic alpha receptors - at high doeses these are direct vasodilators; SE of residula orthostatic hypotension


Drug used for erectile dysfunction; not very affective because it mainly acts on the CNS via a2 (essentially has the opposite effects as clonodine; will increase BP and heart rate


alpha antagonist Interacts with 5HT and DA receptors; used to treat MIgraines


alpha antagonist; Vascoconstriction adn oxytocic; used to treat post-partum hemmorrhage


Antagonist of a1a; Tissue specific and used to treat BPH; decrease contraction of urinary bladder, less contraction of prostate smooth muscle


B1, B2 receptor antagonist; acts by stabilizing the membrane (it is an anti-arrythmatic drug)


B1 B2 antagonist


B1 B2 antagonist with partial agonist activity and slight membrane stabilizaiton: less decrease in BP/HR than full antagonist


nonselective b antagonist used in treatment of open angle glaucoma


nonselective antagonist of B receptors; it is a slight B2 agonist, has slight membrane stabilization; Tx: hypertension; decrease BP and inhibits the baroreceptor reflex


Useful in early CHF, a very powerful antioxidant; eases the work that the heart must perform


B1 inverse agonist, has slight membranes stabilization (antiarrythmatic) useful in HT and MI


B1 antagonist


B1 antagonist that has a fast acting, short duration; this is the "tunable" B antagonist


B2 antagonist that is not really used since it leads to bronchoconstriction

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