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  1. soler(ue)
  2. ir a
  3. Te enojaste con Juan?
  4. Que tonteria! Su cabeza esta llena de estereotipos tontos.
  5. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?
  1. a That is nonsense! His head is full of (dumb) stereotype.
  2. b Rita, what happened between you and Maria?
  3. c to be in the habit of
  4. d Are you angry with Juan?
  5. e to go

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  1. to need
  2. to help
  3. No, I failed. I got a 65. I have to study.
  4. What is the meaning of discrimination?
  5. to be bored

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  1. Te aconsejo el consejero sobre tus cursos?Has your counselor given you advice about your courses?


  2. Me choca la actitud negative que tiene con mis amigos.I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.


  3. Que opinas del tenis y del jai alai?What is your opinion on tennis and jai alai?


  4. Teresa me cuenta que andas loco por Sofia.Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.


  5. Es la consejera del colegio. Ella te da consejos sobre los cursos que debes tomar.She is the school counselor. She gives you advice about classes that you should take.