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  1. necesitar
  2. Quien es la senorita Ferguson?
  3. Cuando el gobierno de un pais no respeta la igualdad de cierto grupo social o etnico.
  4. Esta dividido en dos semestres.
  5. Si, me dijo que yo tenia una impresion equivocada de el.
  1. a It is divided in two semesters.
  2. b Yes, I had the wrong impression of him.
  3. c Who is Ms. Ferguson?
  4. d When the government of a country does not respect the equality of certain ethnic or social groups.
  5. e to need

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  1. Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.
  2. Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.
  3. Did you get a bad grade in spanish?
  4. to wait
  5. Has your counselor given you advice about your courses?

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  1. aprender ato learn


  2. dejar deto finish


  3. Aprobaste el ultimo examen de literatura?Did you pass the literature test?


  4. Te cae bien Susana?Do you like Susana?


  5. sonar conto quit, stop