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  1. aburrirse de
  2. Te aconsejo el consejero sobre tus cursos?
  3. sonar con
  4. Esta dividido en dos semestres.
  5. Te gusta tu horario?
  1. a Do you like your schedule?
  2. b Has your counselor given you advice about your courses?
  3. c to dream
  4. d to be bored
  5. e It is divided in two semesters.

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  1. I think there is no difference between the two sports.
  2. Television, magazines, and newspapers will greatly influence.
  3. to insist
  4. Yes, this is the last straw.
  5. Who is Ms. Ferguson?

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  1. empezar ato start


  2. Si, lo suspendi. Tengo que tomar el examen otra vez.Luis told me that you are very negative.


  3. pensar(ie)to quit, stop


  4. Si, el consejero insiste en que tomo calculo.Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.


  5. quererto want


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