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  1. aburrirse de
  2. Te enojaste con Juan?
  3. No me parece que sea justo! Tenemos un examen manana!
  4. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?
  5. Me choca la actitud negative que tiene con mis amigos.
  1. a I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.
  2. b Rita, what happened between you and Maria?
  3. c I don't think it's fair! We have an exam tomorrow.
  4. d Are you angry with Juan?
  5. e to be bored

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  1. to put oneself to
  2. Television, magazines, and newspapers will greatly influence.
  3. to need
  4. to teach
  5. What is the meaning of discrimination?

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  1. tratar deto try to


  2. insistir ento teach


  3. Te aconsejo el consejero sobre tus cursos?Has your counselor given you advice about your courses?


  4. Como se forma la imgen de un grupo en particular?How is the school year divided?


  5. Sacaste una mala nota en el curso de espanol?Rita, what happened between you and Maria?