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  1. Teresa me cuenta que andas loco por Sofia.
  2. Si, me dijo que yo tenia una impresion equivocada de el.
  3. Luis me dijo que tu eras muy negativa.
  4. Que va! Eso no es cierto! Al contrario, no me cae bien.
  5. esperar
  1. a That is not true! I don't like her!
  2. b Yes, I had the wrong impression of him.
  3. c Luis told me that you are very negative.
  4. d to wait
  5. e Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.

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  1. Are you angry with Juan?
  2. You know i do. This semester I have a very good schedule.
  3. to start
  4. Did you pass the literature test?
  5. to help

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  1. insistir ento teach


  2. Si, lo suspendi. Tengo que tomar el examen otra vez.Luis told me that you are very negative.


  3. La television, los periodicos y las revistas te influencian mucho.Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.


  4. Me choca la actitud negative que tiene con mis amigos.I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.


  5. aburrirse deto finish