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  1. aprender a
  2. No, lo reprobe. Saque 65. Tengo que estudiar.
  3. tratar de
  4. ayudar a
  5. ponerse a
  1. a to put oneself to
  2. b No, I failed. I got a 65. I have to study.
  3. c to help
  4. d to try to
  5. e to learn

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  1. to insist
  2. When the government of a country does not respect the equality of certain ethnic or social groups.
  3. I think there is no difference between the two sports.
  4. She is the school counselor. She gives you advice about classes that you should take.
  5. He should not be judging. He doesn't know.

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  1. quererto want


  2. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?Do you like Susana?


  3. Si, me dijo que yo tenia una impresion equivocada de el.Luis told me that you are very negative.


  4. acabar deto finish


  5. Que va! Eso no es cierto! Al contrario, no me cae bien.Has your counselor given you advice about your courses?