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  1. Si, me dijo que yo tenia una impresion equivocada de el.
  2. Aprobaste el ultimo examen de literatura?
  3. Me choca la actitud negative que tiene con mis amigos.
  4. No debe juzgarme asi. El no me conoce.
  5. Te enojaste con Juan?
  1. a Are you angry with Juan?
  2. b I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.
  3. c Yes, I had the wrong impression of him.
  4. d Did you pass the literature test?
  5. e He should not be judging. He doesn't know.

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  1. to learn
  2. Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.
  3. to start
  4. It is divided in two semesters.
  5. to think, plan

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  1. Si, el consejero insiste en que tomo calculo.Yes, this is the last straw.


  2. ayudar ato help


  3. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre estos dos deportes.I think there is no difference between the two sports.


  4. dejar deto quit, stop


  5. sonar conto put oneself to


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