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  1. preferir
  2. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?
  3. Es la consejera del colegio. Ella te da consejos sobre los cursos que debes tomar.
  4. aprender a
  5. Quien es la senorita Ferguson?
  1. a to learn
  2. b She is the school counselor. She gives you advice about classes that you should take.
  3. c to prefer
  4. d Who is Ms. Ferguson?
  5. e Rita, what happened between you and Maria?

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  1. Are you angry with Juan?
  2. Yes, this is the last straw.
  3. It is divided in two semesters.
  4. You know i do. This semester I have a very good schedule.
  5. Television, magazines, and newspapers will greatly influence.

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  1. Ramon dice que las mujeres no son buenas para los deportes.Ramon says women are not good at sports.


  2. ayudar ato finish


  3. necesitarto wait


  4. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre estos dos deportes.Rita, what happened between you and Maria?


  5. Aprobaste el ultimo examen de literatura?How is the school year divided?