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  1. Es la consejera del colegio. Ella te da consejos sobre los cursos que debes tomar.
  2. necesitar
  3. Como se forma la imgen de un grupo en particular?
  4. Que tonteria! Su cabeza esta llena de estereotipos tontos.
  5. acabar de
  1. a to need
  2. b to finish
  3. c That is nonsense! His head is full of (dumb) stereotype.
  4. d What is the image of a particular group? (What will affect the image)
  5. e She is the school counselor. She gives you advice about classes that you should take.

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  1. to be bored
  2. to start
  3. Yes, I had the wrong impression of him.
  4. Ramon says women are not good at sports.
  5. to must, ought to

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  1. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre estos dos deportes.I think there is no difference between the two sports.


  2. insistir ento insist


  3. No me parece que sea justo! Tenemos un examen manana!I don't think it's fair! We have an exam tomorrow.


  4. dejar deto quit, stop


  5. Que va! Eso no es cierto! Al contrario, no me cae bien.What is the meaning of discrimination?