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Chapter 5 - Application Software - Part 2


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software development life cycle (SDLC)
The general flow of creating a new software product. It includes performing market research and business analysis, creating a plan and budget for implementing the software, programming the software, testing the software, releasing the software to the public, and debugging the software.
alpha version
The first stage of testing a software product.
beta version
The second stage of testing a software product.
release to manufacturing (RTM) version
A final version of the software with all identified bugs reconciled so that the software can be duplicated and sold to the public or deployed to internal users.
A computer industry term for a flaw or failure in software that causes it not to work as intended.
packaged software
Software saved to a physical medium such as a DVD and sold in a box or other package.
software suite
A collection of productivity software applications sold as one package using tools common to all the products in the suite.
web-based software
Software that is hosted on an online provider's website. You access it over the Internet using your browser. This type of software is not installed on your computer.
cloud computing
A model of software delivery in which software is hosted on an online provider's website and is accessed over the Internet using a browser. The source application software is not installed on your computer. Also called utility computing.
software as a service (SaaS)
A software delivery model where a provider licenses an application to customers to use as a service on demand.
Software that is made available to use free of charge.
Software for users pay a small fee.
source code
The programming code used to build a software product.
open source software
A type of software whose source code can be used, edited, and distributed by anyone.
software on demand
See software as service (SaaS).
cloud storage
Services that allow users to store documents online.
GNU General Public License
A policy that specifies polices about creating open-source software, including that source code has to be made available to all users and developers.