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Chapter 1 Media Mass and Cultural Landscape

Populism tries to appeal to elite people by highlighting th edifferences between them and the "regular" people. T/F
Critics who view culture as a map ____.
acknowledge that the familiar and unknown often coexist in the same song, movie, or other cultural artifact
Mass media audiences generally seek out messages that correspond to their beliefs and values. T/F
The way we consume media today, like watching a TV show on our own schedule rather than when it airs on television, favors shared experiences over individual interests. T/F
The meaning of a message can be affected by a recipient's gender, age, education level, ethnicity, and occupation. T/F
_____ is the process of creating and using symbol systems that convey information and meaning.
Plato wanted to banish which group from ancient Greece because he thought they would undermine oral storytelling?
Modern artists such as Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and Charlie Chaplin (Modern Times) predicted a future in which technology would lead to less oppression and more individual freedom. T/F
In the linear model of mass communication, gatekeepers are the authors, producers, agencies, and organizations that create the message. T/F
A high-low hierarchy is a more multidimensional way of looking at culture than viewing culture as a map. T/F
_________(two words) is the technological merging of content in different mass meda.
Media Convergence
Which of the following is the best way to characterize the transitions between the print, electronic, and digital eras.
In practice, the eras overlapped as newer technologies disrupted and modified older technologies.
The telegraph and newspapers transformed news into a salable commodity. T/F
Elvis Presley was filmed only from the waist up in his third appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show because _____.
some critics considered his hop movements lascivious
Which of the following is one of the three stages in the emergence of a new mass medium that the textbook describes.
entrepreneurial stage
Most forms of culture demonstrate multiple tendencies; for example, a film could be both conventional and innovative. T/F
Which of the following is not considered a consequence of the printing press
An increased sense of community and mutal cooperation
In the interpretation stage of the critical process, an answer must be found to which of the following questions?
so what?
Which of the following is an aspect of postmodern culture?
Acknowlege paradoxes such as having both a nostalgia for the past and appetite for new technology
No media existed prior to the coming of the electronic era in the nineteenth century. T/F
Which of the following statements about cross-platform media convergence is false?
A primary goal is to offer more choice to media consumers
Postmodern falues include which of the following?
diversifying and recycling culture
According to your textbook, which of the following is a consequence of the quick development of new technologies in the digital era?
Traditional leaders in communication have lost some control over information
The computer was the first electronic medium. T/F
With the coming of the printing press, the printed newspaper became the first mass-marketed product in history. T/F
Which statement best describes mass media?
any media form can provide content that is worthy or that panders to the worst in human nature.
_____ are the cultural industries that help circulate the values that link individuals to their society
Mass media
Which of the following statements best describes how the textbook characterizes the interaction of media and society?
how much media really shape society is unkown
the phenomenon whereby audiences seek messages and meanings that are correspond to their preexisting belifs and values is called _____.
selective exposure
Which of the following statements about google is false?
Google makes most of its money by generating original content
What is one concern identified in the textbook about the future of news content available through internet news search sites like Google?
Who will pay for the cost of producing quality news content?
Critics contend that postmodern style borrows too heavily from other eras and devalues originality. T/F
Which of the following statements does not represent part of the traditional high culture critique against popular culture?
popular culture creates a greater appetite for high culture, making high culture less elite
Selective exposure _____.
refers to the fact that people tend to seek out messages that agree with what they already believe
An example of what the textbook means by narrative is _____.
all of the options are correct
James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake" challenges readers to decode its complex narrative. T/F
According to the textbook, the mass media are industries that produce and distribute cultural products to large numbers of people T/F
The five major phases in communication history include the ____________, written, print, electronic, and digital periods T/F
The manuscript culture that existed between 1000 B.C.E. and the mid-fifteenth century primarily served the ruling classes T/F
Which of the following was a contribution of the telegraph?
The transformation of information into a commodity
Which of the following was a contribution of the telegraph
The transformation of information into a commodity
According to the textbook, the high-low model of culture limits the way we look at and discuss culture today T/F
According to the textbook, although mass media may aggravate social problems, there is little research to show that they directly cause those problems T/F
Which of the following does the textbook associate with postmodern culture?
The senders of messages often have little control over how their messages will be received. T/F
Identify central characters, conflicts, topics, and themes
make an informed judgement
answer the question "So what?"
Look for patterns
Take action as a citizen
Gutenberg's invention of movable type allowed the book to become the first mass-marketed communication product in history. T/F
According to the text, one attains ________________ (two words) by following a five-step critical process: description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and engagement
media literacy
The key development that allowed for the transition to the digital age was _____.
the ability to translate images, text, and sounds into binary code
Modern (after 1800s)
Local Culture
Premodern( before 1700s)
Global Culture
Post modern (since 1960s)
Which of the following is not a value the textbook associates with postmodern culture?
All options are correct
Which of the following is one definition given in the textbook for the term "media convergence"?
The consolidation of different mass media holdings under one corporate umbrella
Concerns about how young people might be negatively influenced by messages in popular or "low" cultural forms _____.
have been around at least since the time of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates
The classical view of art is that it should aim to instruct and uplift T/F
Gutenberg played an active role in the transition from oral to written culture T/F
What does the textbook suggest is the best way to approach media literacy and media criticism
Both the "understand" and "examine" options are correct.
Postmodern culture questions the value of scientific reasoning and rational thought for solving society's problems T/F
The transformation from an industrial, print-based society to one grounded in the Information Age began with the development of _____.
None of the options are correct
Efficiency and individualism are both values of the modern period T/F
Celebrating populism in postmodern culture can result in _____.
political leaders affecting a "folksy" style of speaking
According to your textbook, a major concern of critics of contemporary culture is _____.
children being bombarded by too many television commercials
Media marketers refer to network programs that are repurposed for cable as "cross-platform" programs T/F
The printing press fostered the rise of tribal communities T/F
According to the textbook, the mass media have passed through which five historical stages?
Oral, written, print, electronic, digital
The linear communication model can be criticized on the grounds that _____.
it suggests an active sender and a passive receiver
Which of the following statements best describes media convergence
It allows older forms of mass communication to find new life with new technology.
Which of the following does the textbook identify as a result of the printing press?
The emergence of more centralized nation-states, given that leaders could more easily distribute information
Lassie went off the air because children got tired of seeing the same plot every week. T/F
Critics who adopt the "skyscraper" model of understanding culture worry that too much "low" culture _____.
all of the options are correct
A cultural approach to understanding mass communication _____.
argues that diverse audiences will interpret the same information differently