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  1. Idyllic
  2. Vacuous
  3. Expedite
  4. Amorous
  5. Corroborate
  1. a naturally peaceful
  2. b feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense
  3. c to speed up the progress of
  4. d lacking ideas or intelligence
  5. e to confirm; to back up with evidence

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  1. to attack with words or force
  2. overly dramatic
  3. proper; in good taste
  4. brilliant; giving off heat or light
  5. to swell; to extend

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  1. Exasperateto annoy thoroughly


  2. Volatileto attack with words or force


  3. Derideto ridicule


  4. Didacticintended to teach; morally instructive


  5. Discordantlacking harmony or agreement