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Texas Capitol
Texas State Bird
Northern Mockingbird
Texas State Flower
Texas Tree
Texas Dog Breed
Blue Lacy
Texas Nickname
The Lone Star State
Texas Motto
Texas Song
Texas, Our Texas
AT&T Stadium Address
1 AT&T Way Arlington, TX 76011
Four Events Held in AT&T Stadium
Cotton Bowl, Guns N Roses, Coldplay, Saul Alvarez defeated Liam Smith-boxing-largest turnout for boxing at stadium
How many clubs in stadium?
How many club seats in stadium?
Size of video board
160 ft long by 71 ft tall
reaches from 20 to 20 yard lines
Main: 80,000
Expand: 100,000
Open 2 hours prior to kick off
West Side Plaza
Miller Lite Plaza
East Side Plaza
AT&T Plaza
How long does it take to open/close plazas?
18 minutes
How many suites
What is the ring of honor?
A level in the AT&T Stadium that recognizes important players, coaches, and executives of the Dallas Cowboys. Started in 1975 recognized Bob Lilly. 21 members currently in the ring of honor
When do the will call windows open?
Three hours prior to game
12,000 spots + 12,000 at Rangers stadium. Begins 5 hours prior to game
How long does the roof take to open?
12 minutes
What was the roof designed after?
Texas Stadium
How far do the arches on the outside of the stadium stretch?
1/4 of a mile
What is the length of the stadium?
900 feet
Oscar: Best picture
Oscar: Best Actor
Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Oscar: Best Actress
Emma Stone, La La Land
Presenters for Best Picture
Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway
Grammies: Record of the Year
Hello by Adele
Grammies: Album of the Year
25 by Adele
Grammies: Song of the Year
Hello by Adele
Grammies: Best New Artist
Chance the Rapper
CMA: Hosted by
Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood
CMA: Hosted in
Bridgestone Arena, Nashville
CMA: Entertainer of the Year
Garth Brooks
CMA: Male Vocalist of the Year
Chris Stapleton
CMA: Female Vocalist of the Year
Carrie Underwood
CMA: Album of the Year
Mr. Misunderstood, Eric Church
Super Bowl Years and Head Coaches
1971: Tom Landry
1977: Tom Landry
1992: Jimmy Johnson
1993: Jimmy Johnson
1995: Barry Switzer
How many NFC Championships?
Year joined the National Football League
Who was opposed to the Cowboys?
Washington Redskins owner, George Preston Marshall
Cowboys rival?
Washington Redskins
What was the cowboys first and second possible mascot?
Steers, then Rangers, Cowboys before they began playing
Main two founding investors?
Clint and John D. Murchison
First President/GM
Tex Schramm 1959-1989
First Head Coach
Tom Landry
Cotton Bowl: 1960-1971
Texas Stadium: 1971-2008
AT&T Stadium: 2008-present
How many playoff seasons
Team Nicknames
America's Team
Doomsday Defense
The Big D
The Boys***
How many players in the Hall of Fame
Most important historical players
10. Jason Witten TE
9. Tony Dorsett RB
8. Michael Irven WR
7. Troy Aikman QB
6. Larry Allen Guard
5. Mel Renfro CB
4. Randy White DT/L
3. Bob Lilly DT
2. Emmitt Smith RB
1. Roger Staubach QB
Dallas Cowboys Head Coaches Chronological Order
Tom Landry
Chan Gailey
Dave Campo
Jimmy Johnson
Barry Switzer
Bill Parcels
Wade Phillips
Jason Garrett
Commissioner of NFL
Roger Goodell
Number of NFL Teams
American Football Conference
National Football Conference
Four in each: North, South, East West
What Conference and Division are the Cowboys in?
National, East
What teams are in the Cowboys conference?
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Where did the St. Louis Rams move to?
How long is the season?
17 weeks, 16 games
6 teams from each conference
Single-elimination tournament
Super Bowl
Between the NFC and AFC champions
What year was the first Super Bowl?
What's the name of the Super Bowl Trophy?
The Vince Lombardi Trophy
What was the name of the NFL before 1922
the American Professional Football Association APFA
Where are the NFL Headquarters?
New York
Where are the Hall of Fame Headquarters?
Canton, Ohio
How many home/away games a season
10 and 10
How many preseason games?
How many regular season games?
Dallas Mayor
Democrat, Mike Rawlings
Arlington Mayor
Jeff Williams, Republican
Frisco Mayor
Maher Maso
Texas Governor
Greg Abbott, Republican
Dallas Population
1.3 million
DFW Population
7.1 million
What is the Six Flags over Texas?
The slogan used to describe the six countries that have had sovereignty over some or all of the current territory of the US State of Texas
What are the six countries?
Spain, France, Mexico, Republican of Texas, Confederate States of American, US
What is Encroachment?
When a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage and makes contact with an opponent before the ball is snapped; 5 yard penalty
What is a False Start?
When an offensive lineman moves prior to the snap; 5 yard penalty
Holding (Defensive)
When a defensive player tackles or holds an offensive player other than the ball carrier; 5 yard penalty
Holding (Offensive)
When an offensive player prevents a defensive player from tackling the ball carrier; 10 yard penalty
When any part of a player's body is beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is put into play; 5 yard penalty
Pass interference
When a defensive player makes contact with the intended receiver before the ball arrives; ball at the spot of the foul with an automatic first down
Personal Foul
An illegal, flagrant foul considered risky to the health of another player; 15 yard penalty And automatic first down
Roughing the Kicker
15 yard penalty and automatic first down
Roughing the passer
15 yard penalty and automatic first down
How long is a quarter?
15 minutes
How long is halftime?
12 minutes, 30 for super bowl
to bend
to stretch
to raise
to chase
to throw
to jump
to cut
DCC Director
Kelli McGonagill Finglass
DCC Choreographer
Judy Trammell
Original Designer of DCC Uniform
Jody Van Amburgh
How many changes has the uniform gone through?
DCC Nickname
America's Sweethearts
President of the DCC
Charlotte Jones Anderson; since 1989
Tan Sponsor
Palm Beach Tan
Jay Johnson
Hair Salon
Rejuve Med Spa
Wincraft Cheer
Lucchese Boots
Bobby Badger
Dr. Henegar DDS
Make-up Artist
Peggy Segundo
DCC Original Name
CowBells & Beaux
Males and Females from local High Schools
When did Tex Schramm change DCC image?
1969, no men, high school women, became DCC
When did the whole team consist of women over the age of 18?
1972, more revealing image that we see today
1977 DCC
First NFL Cheerleader poster
Appearances on NBC Rock-n-Roll Sports Classic and the Osmond Brothers Special
Produced their own one hour special, 36 Most Beautiful Girls in Texas
1979 DCC
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders movie aired
Began USO tours in South Korea
1980 DCC
The DCC movie II Aired
2006 DCC
DCC: Making the Team began
Who was the manager for the CowBelles and Beaux?
Dee Brock
Who was the first director of the cheerleaders?
Suzanne Mitchell
Who was the first choreographer of the DCC?
Texie Waterman
Cowboys Headquarters
Currently at Valley Ranch, Irving, TX
Moving to Frisco, TX
Head Coach
Jason Garrett
Owner/President/ GM
Jerry Jones
COO/Executive VP/Director of Player Personnel
Stephen Jones
CSMO/Executive VP
Jerry Jones Jr.
CBO/Executive VP/President of DCC
Charlotte Jones Anderson
Worth of Cowboys
4 billion, generating $269 million in annual revenue
Dak Prescott
Mark Sanchez
Tight End
Jason Witten
Tyron Smith
Ronald Leary
Travis Frederick
Zack Martin, Chaz Green
*Dez Bryant
Brice Butler
*Terrance Williams
Cole Beasley
Lucky Whitehead
Ezekiel Elliott
Alfred Morris
Keith Smith
Tyrone Crawford
Maliek Collins & Cedric Thornton
Demarcus Lawrence
Strongside Linebacker
Damien Wilson
Middle Linebacker
Anthony Hitchens
Weakside Linebacker
Sean Lee
Anthony Brown, Nolan Carroll
Orlando Scandrick
Strong Safety
Jeff Heath
Free Safety
Byron Jones
Chris Jones
Dan Bailey
Chris Jones
Kick Returner
Lucky Whitehead
Punt Returner
Lucky Whitehead
Long Snapper
LP LaDouceur
Team Colors
Navy, Silver, and white
Name of the new Headquarters
The Ford Center at the Star
Training Camp
Oxnard, CA and partly in Frisco
A country that borders Iraq
Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey
Three lean proteins
Fish, skinless poultry, lentils, beans, soy products, chicken breast, turkey breast
What happen on August 11, 2010?
Texas Stadium implosion
What took place at the stadium on February 6, 2011
Super Bowl 45
What was the first stadium event in AT&T
George Straight Concert
What was December 16, 2008?
Cowboys vs. Ravens, last game played at Texas Stadium
When was the first game at AT&T Stadium?
August 21, 2009
When was the ribbon cutting for AT&T Stadium?
May 27, 2009
What is the total square footage of AT&T Stadium
3 million square feet
How much did it cost compared to Texas Stadium?
1.4 million to 35 million
What USA landmark could fit inside of the stadium with the roof closed?
Statue of Liberty
How many years did Kelli and Judy cheer
Kelli: 5
Judy: 4
How many stars are on the DCC Uniform
First NFL Draft Pick for Cowboys
Taco Charlton DE Michigan
Second NFL Draft Pick for Cowboys
Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado
Third NFL Draft Pick or Cowboys
Jourdyn Lewis CB Michigan
How many yards are in the football endzone
10 each
First game this season
Away against Arizona Cardinals
First Conference Game
Home vs Green Bay Packers
Last game this season
Away against Washington Redskins
Fourth Round Draft Pick
Ryan Switzerland WR North Carolina
Sixth Round Draft Pick
Xavier Woods S Louisiana Tech
Sixth Round Draft Pick
Marquez White CB Florida State
Seventh Round Draft Pick
Joey Ivie DT Florida
Seventh Round Draft Pick
Noah Brown WR Ohio State
Seventh Round Draft Pick
Jordan Carrell DT Colorado
American Idol Judges
Harry Connick
Jennifer Lopez
Keith Urban
2016 Olympic U.S. Medal Count
46 Gold
37 Silver
38 Bronze
121 Total
World Series Winner 2017
Chicago Cubs
2017 Masters Winner
Sergio Garcia
2016 NBA Champion
Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 Super Bowl Winner
New England Patriots