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fourth grade social studies government unit. Vocab


to come to another country to live there


total number of people who live in one place


country-side, farm areas


city living


towns and small cities near a large city


love of country

symbols of patriotism

liberty bell, bald eagle, and statue of liberty


system of leaders and laws for a community, state or nation


people elect leaders to govern them

legislative branch

makes the laws

executive branch

carries out the laws

judicial branch

makes sure the laws are carried out fairly

checks and balances

makes sure the branches limit the power of the other branches

majority rule

most votes wins

factors of production

natural, captial and human resources


money left over after the bills are paid


amount of product or services that is available or already made


amount of product or services that people want and will pay for


making of products

service industry

people are paid to do things for other people


the producing, selling & buying that people do

free market

an economy that isn't controlled by the government


the Senate and the House of Representatives


where each state has an equal number (2) of representives

House of Representatives

number of representatives that depends on the population of the state


leader of the executive branch, leader of the military, elected every four years

Supreme Court

nation's highest court, justices serve for life

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