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tiger top

sst,clot activator, serum is in what top color?

dark green top

heparin, ammonium test is in what color top?


why is pumping of the fist no disirable?

lavender top

EDTA, whole blood testing is in what color top?


what increases cellular solid elements due to prolonged touniquet or fist pumping, collapsed veins?

light blue top

sodium citrate is in what color tube?

red top

which color top has no additive?

sepeate something

what does a polymer barrier do?

yellow or orange

thrombine additive in what color top?

lavender top

EDTA ADDITIVES what color top?

blood thinner

what is heparin?


will blood clot in red topped tube?

test or exam

definition of assays

green top

the anticoagulants sodium heparin and lithium heparin are found in what top?

glucose, blood urea nitrogen, ionized calcium, electrolytes studies

lithium heparin tubes are used for what type of assays?

lavender top

cbc, rbc, wbc and platelet count on what color tubes?


what color tubes for alcohol and sodium tests?

royal blue or tan tops

drug monitoring, toxicology and nutrional studies are in?


ESR test are collected in what top?


liquid portions of the blood w/o clotting factors is...?

edta, potassium oxalate, sodium citrate

which additives prevent coagulation of blood by removing calcium through the formation of insoluble calcium salts?

sodium citrate

which is the coagulate choice for coagulation blood studies?


the_____ number of indicates the diameter of the needle

winged infusion set

butterfly is same as____


remaining the same is reffered as a steady state....


study of blood


rupture of the blood cells

30 min

how many minutes does it take for a specimen without additeves take to clot?


a term to describe anemia

infection control

I.C means?


accidental needle skin through skin

clotting time

clotting time of specimen is affected by ....


analyte that is "sensitive" to temp.

75 degrees

normal room temp


normal body temp


light sensitive, photosensitive

breaking glucose

glycoyrite action

fight infection

primary function for wbc?

carry oxygen to tissue

primary function for rbc?

form hemostatic plug, or blood cells that aid blood clot

primary function of platelets?

to carry deoxygeneted blood back to the heart

what is major function of veins?


what btype of instrument is generally used to seperate blood components?


liquid portion of an anticoagulate

medial & lateral of 3 or 4th finger

capillary puntures is at what location?

isopropyl alcohol, provodine, iodine

list diff clensing agents?

date, dr name, time, initials, DOB, fasting/nonfast

what should be done or put on tube? list them


glucose or alcohol test top color?

light blue

sodium citrate

median cubital, cephalic, basillic

name veins on arms...


medication that reduces the body ability to make blood clots


which is the larger gauge? 16-18 or 21-23

21 22 23

needle size that are used for collecting specimens for lab... 3 options


whole blood in what top tube


which is last choice of vein on arm?


to faint or sudden loss of conciousness

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