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Personnel Decon
1. Gross contamination removal
2. Overboots (shuffle pit)
3. Overgarmet removal
4. Overboots and gloves
5. Monitoring
6. Mask removal
7. Mask decontamination
8. Reissue point
Types of NVGs at command
EDVR Sections
1. propesctive gains
2.prospective losses
3.personnel onboard for TAD
4.list of personnel by rating
5.personnel status summary
6-10. NEC billets authorized
11. Data on each person, TIR, up for advancement, etc.
12.list of both Officer and enlisted TAD
An ordnance item sufficiently shielded or protected to make it immune to adverse effects from RFR when used in its expected shipboard RFR environments.
HERO susceptible
Ordnance containing EEDs proven by tests to be adversely affected by RFR energy to the point that safety or reliability may be in jeopardy when the ordnance is used in RFR environments.
HERO unsafe
Any electrically initiated ordnance item that becomes unsafe when: a. Its internal wiring is physically exposed. b. Tests being conducted on the item require additional electrical connections to be made. c. Electroexplosive devices (EEDs) having exposed wire leads are present, handled, or loaded. d. T h e i t e m i s b e i n g a s s e m b l e d o r disassembled. e. The item is in a disassembled condition. f. The item contains one or more EEDs and has not been classified as HERO safe or susceptible by either a test or design analysis
Oxygen transfer pump aparatus. transfers oxygen to the mk-16 and medical bottles
Gingerbread man
intruder on net
comms blackout