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APUSH Review: Famous Rebellions


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Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion
1676; VA frontiersmen seeking land clashed with Native Americans; Frontiersmen demanded help from the government; Jamestown refused aid, fearing Native American War; Bacon and his men lived on frontier; Bacon & men stormed Jamestown; Bacon died of fever; Rebellion collapsed; Colonial rebellion against government authority; Clash between east/west, rich/poor; Tidewater's discrimination against frontiersmen; Revision of indentured servant system, greater reliance on slave labor
Daniel Shays's Rebellion
1786 to 1787; Unfair taxes in MA; Farms foreclosed; Farmers imprisoned as debtors; Shays & 1200 men attacked courts in western MA; State militia put down rebellion; Uprising was a general threat to property; Threat that rebellion could spread to other states; Articles of Confederation viewed as too weak to maintain law and order; Bolstered call for revisions of Articles of Confederation (Constitutional Convention--1787)
Whiskey Rebellion
1794 to 1795; Farmers in western PA refused to pay federal excise tax on whiskey; Attacked tax collectors; Farmers compared tax to Stamp Act of 1765; Washington Called for 13,000 troops to suppress the rebels;Rebels dispersed, ceased rebellion; Put the force of the government behind the Constitution; Government could enforce the law; Constitution protected law/order; Hamilton's idea of an energetic national government prevailed
Nat Turner's (slave) Rebellion
1831; Slaves wanted freedom; Nat Turner saw "vision" and attacked whites in Southampton County, VA;Turner, 70 slaves, & 55 whites killed; Turner caught; he was executed & hundreds of slaves were punished; Frightened South; Tightened slave codes; Restricted freedom for all blacks in South; South began to aggressively defend slavery as "positive good"